Visiting Virginia Wine Country


Virginia Wine Country is only 5 hours from New York. The place produces wines that are as delicious as its beautiful landscapes. Vineyards in Virginia Producing Wine & Travel Experiences.

Virginia in the mid-Atlantic is one wine-growing area that has been serving since 1607. Finally, after hundreds of years, the area serves 300 wineries where there is a wine for everyone.

This is a heaven for wine lovers with its extensive area of producing wines and comprising wine tasting experiences. These are reasons enough to make it a perfect vacation in Virginia Wine Country.

Let’s see how you can plan a perfect vacation in Virginia Wine Country.

Determine Your Wine Region

There are more than 300 wineries in Virginia. These wineries are extended over ten different wine regions; these wineries cover the entire state.

That is how the state manages to have a whole lot area of wineries. Therefore, it is advised that you select one specific wine region before visiting. You can always visit others, though, once you have completed your decided wine region trip.

Those making their first trip to Virginia wine country should select the Central or Northern region of the state.

Pre-Selecting the Specific Wineries

Once you have selected a specific wine region, it is best to check the specific wineries. This would save a lot of time while you are on the trip; plus, it would allow you to visit more places in that time. You can visit 2 to 3 wineries a day and enjoy wine tasting.

To select the quality wineries, you can take the help of Google or Yelp and might rely on their reviews. However, it is best to explore fewer wineries in a day and take your time enjoying the essence rather than rushing to see everything.

Know Age Restriction

Some wineries are there that only allow people age 21 and older. This is critical when you plan to visit the wineries with kids. Confirm which winery has the age restriction and plan accordingly so that you won’t get disappointed later. You will need to know about boutique winery hunter valley.

The Number of People Allowed

There are wineries were visiting in a large group is not allowed. These wineries don’t take large groups, vans, buses, and such crowds. Hence if you are a part of any group or plan to visit many people, confirm the same with the winery authorities.

The Opening Time

Wineries are not open all day, and most of them are open a few days a week and only for specific hours. Therefore, it would be helpful to check out the time beforehand; it will be convenient if you visit the place during open hours.

Pin the Locations on the Map

Once you have figured out what wineries you wish to visit, it is best to pin them down on the map of wineries. You will have a visual idea of how much distance these wineries have with each other. Virginia is all about the wineries, and you won’t want to spend your whole time just commuting.

That is why when you know the distance among these wineries; you have a more clear idea of transportation and which options to choose from. You would also be able to visit wineries that are closer together.

Know the Less-Engaged Times

There are days on which wineries receive more crowd than other days. If you expect a peaceful experience with delighted wine tasting, you should want to visit it on a less crowded day. Saturday afternoons are generally the busiest times in Virginia wineries; it is better to avoid them during this time.

Also crowd increases as the day passes; getting there early would give you a less crowded experience.

Friday and Sunday might be your best deal to visit wineries in Virginia; also, enter a winery as soon as it opens.

So this was it about the Virginia wine country that we hope you have enjoyed reading about. Plan your vacation to Virginia accordingly!

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