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Of all the parts of the human body, don’t you think our feet are probably the ones that suffer the most? It is due to the fatigue of supporting the weight of your body, allowing you to walk, run or jump, cushioning, along with your muscles, the impact on the rest.  Our feet are also in contact with the surface of the ground through shoes that are not always comfortable or in public places such as swimming pools, where they can catch fungi. 

Conversely, there is a taboo about your feet (hygiene, neglected part of the body), which will mean that you have never considered going to the foot doctor Tarzana

Today you have professional Tarzana podiatry at your disposal, and it is worth entrusting your foot problems to him.

What is Tarzana Podiatry? 

The Podiatrist at Tarzana podiatry is a specialist in foot care (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of foot pathologies). It is essential to do a four-year degree in podiatry that is usually offered in the Faculties of Health Sciences (nursing, physiotherapy, and podiatry). In addition, you should entrust your feet to a professional podiatrist only.

This healthcare professional is specialized, and his daily practice includes:

  • Health evaluation campaign.
  • Prevention of foot conditions and deformities.
  • Proper diagnosis and treatment of any injury or pain in your feet.

Things podiatrists do

Think about these foot conditions or deformities that you probably have. In all of them, the Podiatrist acts and helps you improve your health:

  • Fungal infections 
  • Conditions on the skin of your feet (corns and calluses, calluses, etc.) or their soles
  • Conditions in the toenails (ingrown nails, thickened nails, etc.)
  • Diagnosis of your posture and correction using anatomical insoles (tailor-made plantar orthoses) and correction of deviations in your toes with silicone separators
  • Pain in the soles of the feet (metatarsalgia, spur, neuromas, etc.)

For example, if you need foot surgery for bunions, hammertoes, or spurs, you should trust a specialized foot doctor in Tarzana.

Podiatrist Duties

In addition to being qualified and carrying out their activity duly insured and in prepared facilities, professional podiatrists have to create and keep a medical record for each patient who visits them, where they will collect all the treatment received. 

This history is available to the patient (or their legal representative). The patient’s right to privacy must be guaranteed, even after death or in the event of retirement or cessation of the professional’s activity. Any other professional who accesses the patient’s clinical history must observe the same custody and confidentiality obligations (nurses, administrative staff, etc.). Another responsibility of this professional is to explain the treatment options and their consequences or risks and effects to the patient. If you prescribe medications or products for the foot, you must know their composition and datasheet.

The Podiatrist must inform the patient and coordinate with the primary care physician to achieve the patient’s recovery and avoid adverse reactions to said treatments.

How much does a visit to the Podiatrist cost?

If you prefer to go private, you have the service included in any private health insurance. Finally, you can hire the services of a podiatrist by paying the cost of the visit.

Regarding the cost, you have to know that the Podiatrist has set his professional fees, but this does not mean that he can charge anything. His fees should not be abusive (professional associations publish their list of fees as a guideline reference), and the cost of a single visit for diagnosis or treatment will vary depending on the condition.

How to distinguish the professional from the intruder

Beware of pseudo-specialists in the foot. In addition to not having the degree, a fake podiatrist will promise cures without scientific basis or miracles in your conditions and foot pain. It is also possible that they do not respect your right to information about treatment options and general and specific risks of any intervention or do not offer you informed consent before performing an intervention.

We invite you to visit our certified foot doctor in Tarzana.

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