Use vinyl lettering to custom your t-shirts


Are you part of a group of amateur sportspeople who enjoy getting together after work or college to play together? Maybe it’s hockey, maybe it’s football, maybe you have fun and get fit playing basketball. Whatever the sport is, whether you complete or just play for fun have you thought about having a team uniform created? It makes sense when you are competing so players and watchers can see who is on who’s team, but even when you do not compete a uniform gives you a sense of unity, team spirit, and adds to the fun of hanging out with like-minded people. When it comes to having t-shirts or jerseys printed with same day printing Miami and elsewhere you have a few options. But for this specific need we think vinyl lettering is the answer to customization and here is a look at why.

Understanding Vinyl numbering and lettering

Vinyl lettering uses a heat transfer process for custom t shirts printing requests. Your chosen numbers and letters are cut from colored vinyl and then are applied to the jersey or shirt of your choice. It is an affordable, easy and fast way to get your team a great uniform. Each letter or part of the design is individually cut out from vinyl. That vinyl when heated becomes very adhesive so when a printer applies a lot of pressure it then permanently attaches to the clothing. This process is ideal for smaller orders where just lettering or numbering is required and one or two colors are best.

The process

The process is easy to do with the proper equipment. You want a printer that has the right machinery to get high-quality results. On a computer, the printers create the lettering or numbering you have chosen. They then print them out and cut from your chosen color of vinyl. The image is reversed so when it is placed on the shirt it looks as it is meant to. Then it is very precisely lined up on the shirt and a cover that is heat resistant goes over the vinyl design so it does not melt or burn. Then heat is applied using a very high-powered iron and a large amount of pressure is applied to the heated vinyl. It adheres to the shirt permanently.

Why opt for vinyl lettering over screen printing or DTG?

So when you are looking at same day printing Miami options why go vinyl over Direct to Garment or screen? It comes down to what you want to put on the garment. A more complex image, with lots of colors is going to be more towards the DTG or screen printing option. But screen printing is significant in how much time it takes to set up and is then better for larger orders. Most printers with screen printing have a minimum order. With DTG you do have to watch for some limits on where the design can be placed.


When you are looking for custom t-shirts printing and you just want to put players’ names and numbers on their shirts, or a team name, then vinyl printing is the best option.

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