University of Phoenix Offers Specialized Development for Teachers


Like most fields of study, education is continually evolving. To address this, school districts around the country require teachers to professionally develop each year through continuing education Continuing education classes not only fulfill district requirements but also make teachers better educators, helping them study new skills that can also make them more competitive in the marketplace.

However, fitting professional development into the schedule of a busy teacher can be a challenge, especially for teachers who live away in remote areas and would need to drive to take a course.  This is why University of Phoenix offers a continuing teacher education program to support teacher specialized growth.

University of Phoenix Continuing Education for Teachers

University of Phoenix’s professional development courses are held exclusively online. Students do not have to worry about taking time away from their jobs or families to commute back and forth to classe. More importantly, classes can be taken online 24/7. Teachers can fit University courses in between grading papers and their family and community obligations.

University of Phoenix continuing education courses cover a broad range of topics including personnel administration, leadership strategy, supervision of curriculum, equity and diversity training, behavioral management and professional communications. Large complex topics are divided into bite-size chunks to make the information easy to master without teachers having to spend hours and hours at one session.

Welfares of Continuing Education for Teachers

Helping teachers meet re-certification and school district requirements is just one of many benefits of continuing education courses offered by University of Phoenix. These courses container also help teachers become more effective educators and increase their students’ ability to learn course materials. The U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences reported that students can learn 21% more when their teachers have taken positive professional development lessons.

“Nothing gets teachers more excited than learning new ways to help students succeed,” said Pam Roggeman, EdD, dean of the College of Education at University of Phoenix. “Whether this is finding a better way to infuse technology in their teaching, or learning how to create a more student-led classroom, or creating a more inclusive and empathetic classroom, continuing education for teachers often helps address the specific needs diagnosed by the experienced and talented classroom teacher.”

For example, one of the most popular professional development courses at University of Phoenix covers how to use digital tools for teaching, a topic that most teachers had to teach themselves on the fly at the beginning of the pandemic.

Online Professional Development Courses with College of Phoenix

Online, self-led professional development courses from University of Phoenix give teachers 24/7, year-round access to lessons and other materials. Teachers can wait until their students’ papers are all graded, their lesson plans are completed or their children are in bed before starting their own classwork. I

Online continuing education for teachers courses from University of Phoenix typically take between four and six weeks to complete. The University offers multiple start dates to best accommodate teachers’ full schedules.

Current courses in the continuing education for teachers include leadership strategies, adult learning theory and instructional techniques. To learn more about the programs University of Phoenix has to offer, visit

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the pioneers in online learning. The University has offered virtual classes for more than 30 years and is noted for its flexible schedules and ongoing student support. In addition to its continuing education and professional development programs, University of Phoenix offers online degree programs in 25 fields of study including business, criminal justice and behavioral science.

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( The University has a current enrollment of more than 70,000 students. More than one million students have earned degrees from University of Phoenix.

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