Unique Ways to Decorate Your Baked Goods


With the holidays around the corner, many of you will probably start spending more time in the kitchen making baked goods. Pouring your heart and soul into holiday baked goods is one thing, but so is the presentation! Whether you’re a novice baker or have been making the same festive recipes for generations, here are five unique ways to decorate your baked goods this holiday season.

Use a stencil to create a unique pattern on your baked goods. Stencils are one of the easiest ways to add personality to your baked goods this holiday season. That’s because you can use any lightweight object that’s around the size of your cake, cookie, or baked good as a stencil. You can even create custom stencils — all you need is some parchment paper and the ability to draw your vision. Cut parchment paper into hearts, stars, or lines. Then, lay the shapes over your baked good and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. You can also use cookie cutters or other objects from around the kitchen to create unique stenciled patterns on your baked goods.

Amplify your desserts with edible gold. Thinly pressed edible gold paper made with 24-karat gold is a unique way to elevate any dessert, baked good, or even cocktail. Sprinkle gold flakes on top of cakes, cookies, and brownies to add texture and elegance. Use edible gold around the sides of a cake for birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement parties to make the guest of honor feel truly special. You’re sure to impress no matter how you incorporate edible gold into your baked goods.

Dust your desserts with luster powder. Like edible gold, luster dust is an edible powder that amplifies baked goods and beverages. These pigmented powders comply with US food safety standards and can instantly provide a whimsical, shimmery shine to cake art, fancy drinks, and more. Sprinkle luster dust on top of cupcakes, brownies, cakes, and more to add sheen and sparkle to your desserts bitsandboxes.

Create dimension on your baked goods with fresh fruit, nuts, or both. Adding nuts and fruit to your baked goods gives your concoction more character, especially if they’re part of the recipe! If you want to add personality and texture to your baked goods, make sure you finish them off with a fruit or nut topper. Plus, this gives the people you’re serving a better idea of the ingredients used to make the baked good in case anyone has a nut allergy. If fruit or nuts don’t pair well with your dessert, consider adding marshmallows, candy pieces, or other edible elements to give that added texture with every bite.

Simply add sprinkles. Is there anything more festive than sprinkles? If you’re short on time or lack the creative eye some of these other dessert decorating ideas require, topping your baked goods with sprinkles is an easy way to make them more festive and pleasing. Plus, sprinkles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to find one suitable for your baked goods this holiday season.

Are you ready to elevate your dessert table? Try these unique decorating ideas on your favorite baked goods this holiday season, and you’ll be sure to wow your guests lifeline hospital.



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