Understanding the different types of EV chargers and their compatibility with different vehicles


An electronic vehicle can be seen to be the future of the automobile sector. Over time since the invention of gas vehicles, people have anticipated the advent of electronic vehicles. This eases the stress for the car owners and also helps them to cut out expenses. This means that you would not be needing to purchase gas again. 

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this innovation? Have you been thinking of what electric vehicles are? Do you know about the different types of EV Chargers and their compatibility with other vehicles? In this article, you will find out necessary information. If you are also looking for a brand to help you with EV Chargers, check out EV charger installation

What Is An EV Charger?

It is important that you find out what an electric vehicle charger is just so that you would be able to understand the different types when they are being listed. An EV charger is just like your mobile device charger which helps to boost your phone or help it maintain a healthy battery life and would also aid that your phone is active at all times.

Now that you have imagined what an EV charger looks like, we can say that it is a device that is used to charge an electronic vehicle to perform its normal functions. These chargers come in various forms and also how fast they are able to charge a vehicle. Also not all chargers are compatible with every car. Different cars with different types of chargers.

Types Of EV Chargers And Their Compatibility Level With Other Cars

Rapid chargers

These kinds of chargers are known to charge your vehicles pretty fast and they work with a direct current model. They are rated at 50 KW which means that it can charge your vehicles up to 80% in a space of forty minutes. 

Ultra rapid chargers

These kinds of chargers are known to be way faster than the rapid chargers. They are rated at around 100 KW which means that it can charge a vehicle up to 80% in a space of 20 minutes. The ultra rapid and rapid charger systems are known to be combined charging systems. Vehicles that have this compatibility with these kinds of chargers include: BMW i3, Jaguar I pace, Volkswagen ID.3.

ChadeMo chargers 

These chargers also charge your vehicles at a fast pace. They use a direct current and are rated at 50 KW. Vehicles that use this kind of charger include: Mitsubishi outlander, phev and Nissan leaf.

Fast chargers

These are the commonly used type of chargers. They are rated between 7KW to 22KW. They would be able to charge up a vehicle fully in a time frame of 3 hours. They are basically compatible with the 2010-2017 model of Nissan leaf. 

Slow chargers

Slow chargers are rated at 6KW and take more than three hours to charge a vehicle full. They are majorly centered on the 2010 model of Nissan leaf.

Tesla superchargers

Tesla is known to have its own type of special charger which chargers it rapidly. They are rated at 150 KW and can charge up a vehicle in less than 30 minutes.

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