Understanding Net Metering


Net metering is something those with solar energy might already be familiar with, but the rest of you might not have heard it before. There are a few advantages to having it so we will look here at what it is, what those advantages are and who to call when you need an electrician near me.

A look at net metering and how it works

All homes have or should have a metering device that measures how much electricity you take from the network, and in some cases how much you contribute to it. With net metering, if you have solar energy systems like solar panels you can earn credits by using your system to supply some power to the main grid. Basically, when there is excess power over what your home uses, it will be sent to the main network and the meter will turn back so essentially you earn credits.

With solar power, the surplus is created during the day and once that is a part of the main grid, other people can benefit from it. In the evenings when your demand for main network power is more because the sun is going down your net meter will pull more from the main grid and it moves forwards. At the end of the month, if your meter shows you have contributed more than you have taken, you get credit. Solar power is especially a great system in the kind of climate much of Australia sees, and in the summer months. For a net meter installation your need to look for a level 2 electrician near me.

Advantages of having net metering?

Some of the main advantages of a net meter are;

  1. Saving money on your power bills – When you have solar energy you can reduce your monthly bills, and even maybe earn money from your contributions in the summer! This means you can make back the money from the solar panels very quickly.
  2. Lowering the load placed on the main grid – When you are using your own source of power, and even contributing some of that to the network you are putting less stress on the grid and that keeps it going for longer.  
  3. Should you go off the grid or do net metering? – That is a personal preference. If you want to be off the grid completely for your own reasons then do not contribute with a net meter. But if you are not choosing solar panels for those reasons then an electrician near me can help with the meter. 
  4. Help with energy conservation and be more Eco-friendly – You use less energy from the grid and you are sharing what you yourself generate. This is good for the environment and for energy conservation.
  5. Extend the lifespan of your own energy system – By using the network when you have a need in the evening and in the winter months it is not getting strained to provide you with what you need. 


Look for a level 2 electrician near me and talk to them about a net metering device to go with your solar panel energy system. It is a great balance between the main grid and having your own energy source.

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