Types Of Modern Martial Arts With Effective Self-Defence Applications

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Although the modern transportation system of the modern age is safe, sometimes we have to face various dangers. And to meet all these dangers, we need to learn some self-defense. One of the best means of self-defense is martial arts or karate education. A expert in MMA Townsville (mixed martial arts) explains that there are more than 170 types of martial arts, and while karate is the most well-known it is only one of them. In this article, we are going to tell you about the modern karate.

There are many types of modern karate we can learn, but there are four types of significant karate we must learn to make self-defense


Chojun Miyagi was a founder of the effective karate style Goju-Ryu. He invented this karate in 1930. Kanryo Higaonna was his teacher who gives him proper knowledge about modern karate. It is a kind of karate style that helps increase breathing timing, and to do this  Karate Roseville, one has to use breathing power. The players can make self-defense and can make a quick counter-attack. Any karate tournaments’ swift counter-attack may help the players gain their desired result and make him/her a winner. Goju-Ryu is an offensive and effective karate tactics.


Gichin Funakoshi, the inventor of modern karate himself, invent the karate style Shotokan and the Shotokan he uses because he wrote this name in his official writing poetry. Shotokan is one of the most popular and most used karate styles all over the world. Gichin Funakoshi invented this karate style in 1938 when he was in Tokyo after studying Okinawa. Shotokan is much useful because it’s a karate way to move his hands, knees, elbows, and feet quite comfortably and quickly. Students want to learn this method by utilizing wide stances and linear techniques to help students deliver impressive strikes.


Hidenori Otsuka was the inventor of this famous karate style Wado-Ryu. He invented this karate method in 1939. Wado-Ryu is a kind of karate method that is very effective because one can avoid attacks easily by learning this method. Karate players generally use these styles for shorter stances. It’s not a similar kind of karate style of Shotokan-Ryu but similar to jujitsu martial arts.


One has to be physically healthy and need enough strength to do this karate shito-Ryu. Kenwa Mabuni invented this primary karate style in 1928. Students who learn karate uses this style more than any type. They use this style because it’s beneficial both in attacking and defending. Students have to use this tactic in any tournaments to make them physically strong and make self-defense perfect.

Basic Karate:

Karate is the way of making safe during any danger. People of all ages should learn karate, especially women. Karate can help you to face your difficulties without any weapons. You will be able to use your body as a weapon. You can learn various types of strong punches and kicks and blocks to do effective defense. Karate is more than a game; you should learn karate to use in your practical life.

Punching, kicking, throwing stars for sale, chokeholds, and pinning techniques are some of the most effective martial arts tactics. You can watch different realistic martial arts and karate based movies from Hollywood, Japanese or Chinese industries.

Many prominent organizations in the world arrange karate tournaments. Sport karate international, North American sports karate association, universal martial arts association are some of the organization’s organizes like international karate tournaments, standard wealth karate championship, Japanese karate tournaments. In the Olympics, the karate event has earned a considerable reputation.

In the last word, we can say that we should learn martial arts to use in our practical life.

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