Trending Faucet Tapware for Your Home Makeover


When decorating a kitchen or bathroom, it’s natural to spend lots of time on storage, tiling, colours, paints, wallpapers, backsplashes, and other areas. However, something that doesn’t quite get the same attention is tapware. What faucets do you plan to have in your home makeover? Here are some trending faucet tapware ideas for your project! 

Matte Black 

In recent years, particularly in the bathroom, homeowners have taken a minimalistic approach…and this doesn’t look as though it will change any time soon. Pair black bathroom tapware with a black and white marble effect and your home will look sleek and elegant with little effort. Matte black tapware works especially well in spacious rooms and with a black toilet seats as well as an underside to the sink itself if this is on display!

Smart Technology 

Like in all other areas of life, technology is transforming the tapware niche, and this is something else you can consider for your home makeover. For example, filters help to reduce water usage and waste. Although the water comes out a little slower, you’ll save money on energy bills and have free funds to spend elsewhere. 

Furthermore, we’ve seen tap heads that detach from the main unit to give more freedom when washing up. Particularly useful in the kitchen, it acts as a showerhead in that you can push a button to release water while moving the head around freely. When finished, just attach it back onto the faucet (stylish and functional!). 


Some people like to move away from traditional looks, but we can’t ignore the classic nickel approach. This might have been the traditional approach to tapware for many generations, but this is because it works. Especially in a bathroom where the room is full of whites, nickel brings character and style to the room. Even in the kitchen, nickel works with all colours and this means you don’t have to keep replacing it every time you decorate. In both rooms, nickel also looks clean and shines brightly when wiped down, and this lifts the whole room. 

Feature Taps and Appliances 

If you’re tired of the same old colours with faucets, why not match the colour to your appliances? More and more, people are choosing pastel colours to match their kettle, fridge, microwave, and other appliances. Of course, the danger with this solution is clashing with the colours on the walls and elsewhere in the kitchen. Choose between white, pink, mint, purple, and many others. 

Rose Gold 

Rose gold is now everywhere, and tapware hasn’t escaped the trend. The beauty of rose gold is that it shines brightly, feels warm in the home, and somehow manages to find the balance between relaxing and energising. For this reason, rose gold is also now a growing colour in the world of jewellery. Rose gold gives character and feels bold when used in the bathroom or kitchen. When using this colour, why not bring it to life even more by also installing rose gold towel bars, handles, and other fixtures?


Lastly, some people will question the use of rose gold when they can go for the real thing instead. If you have this mindset, go for it. You can get a high-end look from gold or a champagne bronze. If you get this one right, it brings luxuriousness to the home makeover and is instantly noticeable when kept clean. If you choose gold, pair it with soft colours like a royal blue. 

Which trending faucet tapware will you choose for your home makeover?

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