Travertine Ideas in Your Home Interior


We can think of many words to describe travertine, and all are interchangeable with “superb.” Travertine has always been and continues to be one of the most popular natural stones for interior and exterior decorative layouts of bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, offices, facades, flooring, and more. This stunning natural stone is available in various colors, giving plenty of combination options. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Travertine is an excellent choice for any home decor, regardless if you are going for a more classic or contemporary style. If you are looking for high-quality travertine tiles for your home interior or exterior, click here. If you want to get more inspiration for utilizing this gorgeous stone at home, keep reading this article.

Kitchen with Travertine and Wood

Combine wood with natural stone, add metal accents, and the result is there. Travertine is especially successfully combined with wood and brass details. Even without accent colors, with travertine, you achieve a harmonious design. If you still lack color, add live plants.

Travertine in the Bathroom

If the bedroom in your home has a walk-in closet and a bathroom, this is the inspiration for you. You don’t have to have your home, covered in natural stone to use travertine in your bathroom. 

How to Combine Marble and Travertine in the Bathroom?

You can combine several natural textures. In this project, travertine forms the medium needed for the black marble bathtub. Accents can also be in different shades. 

Travertine Countertop and Wooden Furniture

You can always combine warm shades, and no matter how creative and wild your imagination gets, it will be a successful endeavor. You can’t go wrong with different warm shades at home. The furniture is made of oak veneer, and the worktop is travertine with distinct veins. 

How to Clean Natural Travertine Furniture?

To better clean natural stone furniture, you will need a sponge and black soap. You can also use Marseille soap – it is suitable even for the most delicate human skin, and, surely enough, it can turn out to be the  perfect choice for your travertine surface. Soak the sponge, add some soap and rinse. Another solution is to use soda crystals and hot water. Rub the natural stone with a wet brush, then rinse with clean water. When it comes to cleaning natural stone, we would like to offer you another valuable ingredient: baking soda. It is very effective when it comes to stone stains. We agree that limestone is the enemy of natural stones. So the solution that offers you is to use oil and lemon. But, of course, professional cleaning products are always at your disposal.

Bonus: What Gives Travertine Its Gorgeous Colors and Texture?

Travertine is not white, it is most often brown or beige. That is due to the content of impurities in it, which came from the water during the rock formation. There is also a red version of the stone, mined in Iran (primarily). Travertine with yellow shades is also exported from this country as well as Italy. 

Dark stones are the most wear-resistant stones that do not differ from marble in their characteristics. Brown travertine can withstand strong friction, so it is used for laying sidewalks and exterior flooring. The price of such a stone is much lower than marble, but in terms of qualities – it does not differ from it.

Even if we look at a denser natural stone, it will still not be difficult to see that travertine surpass it in beauty because of its gorgeous porous structure that reminds of a desert scenery. 

How to cut it? 

You can cut it without problems with a circular saw or circular saw. Because it forms close to the surface, the rock is not under pressure. It does not experience massive damage and will not harden. In rare cases, the stone recrystallizes and hardens or becomes denser. That happens when precipitation has gotten into the pores of the already formed rock, making them fuller.

To Sum it Up…

You don’t have to make your entire home out of travertine. In fact, it is best to use it as flooring for your hallway or living room area. It is gorgeous for the kitchen countertop or flooring as well. However, you can use carpet and wood for the floor in the bedroom and wardrobe and go wild with travertine in the bathroom. This will create a beautiful contrast. Make sure that the color of the tiles is in harmony with the rest of the elements. Despite the uniform color, the effect is striking because of the natural materials. You can also find different elements to complement your home interior, like travertine furniture pieces that will simply look superb in any home interior. There are plenty of high-quality options that will take your guests’ breath away and immediately become the center of attention. 

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