The global pandemic, declared by World Health Organization (WHO) on 11th March 2020, has imposed many uncertainties in foreign travel and the aviation industry. It is no secret that the world’s economy has dropped following the pandemic.

Following the outbreak, regulatory restrictions on people’s movement across national and international borders were put in place as a containment measure. For health and safety, some quarantine requirements were set for passengers transiting through, departing, or arriving in most countries. A lot of airports have special requirements for Covid security. Before traveling to a specific country, check all the requirements for the specific airport, extra fees applied, etc. For example, compulsory airport security fees must be paid upon entering and exiting the Gambia. The Gambia Airport Fees are 20 dollars, or equivalent in euros, sterling, or local currency. This will be collected via marked kiosks in Banjul International Airport. A visa credit card is accepted. Children below 2 years of age and passengers in transit are exempt.

Cathay Pacific serves both the domestic and international travel markets. The airline is no exception when it comes to the health of safety of passengers. Several travel advisories have been set in place to ensure your safety and well-being as you travel in this era of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For further information, refer to the latest updates available on the COVID-19 Travel Information.

Effect of Covid-19 on Cathay Pacific Flights

Like all airlines, Cathay Pacific has been hit by the pandemic’s impacts, which necessitated some drastic measures to cope with the situation. It is among the airlines that didn’t fold.

The operation capacity has been reduced, with only half of the fleet operating following the reduction in the passenger numbers and cargo shipments.

The airline’s shares have significantly dropped as well as the free float.

Response Mechanisms

Suspension of nine international flights, namely Davao, Taichung, Newark, London Gatwick, Washington DC, Rome, Jeju, Male, and Clark, resulted. Some routes to China’s mainland were also suspended.

Cancellation of some flights such as Australia to Hong Kong resulted.

Medical screening of passengers and the crew were enforced, and a compulsory 14 days’ quarantine after travel.

Planning your trip

Are you planning a trip to, from, or within Hong Kong? Do you have a business deal that necessitates a flight?  Not to worry, Cathay Pacific has got you covered. We are still at your service whenever you need us.

Cathay Pacific has suitable flights to your destination and meets your needs whether you seek to travel in business or economy class. Both one-way and return tickets are available to help you plan your schedules better.

Cathay Pacific app is available to help you in making bookings.

A ticket booked doesn’t restrict you from making changes or postponing your travel on the grounds of feeling unwell or are diagnosed with Covid-19.

With Cathay Pacific, you can cancel your ticket or change it.

Proper planning is always crucial as it helps you manage your activities and have ample time to prepare for your trip.

Business plus and business travel contracting programs are all set to meet your business travel needs and provide value to company travels. MICE will provide you with breathtaking deals for your travel events.

All you need to do is check the bookings on the website and choose what best suits you.

It is vital to keep checking the latest updates on Covid-19 for your destination and make necessary adjustments.

Traveling to your destination

Do not forget your passport.

Check-in at your airport, and you will probably be requested to fill a health declaration form as part of the virus containment measures. It is also important to arrive early since baggage check-ins are also necessary.

Online check-ins will help in saving you some time.

Cathay Pacific airplanes are a clean environment for your travel. Face coverings are recommended at all times, i.e., in the lounges, during check-ins, and in the airplane cabins.

Traveling in the Cathay Pacific airplanes wins you the privileges of inflight dining and entertainment with the dedicated crew who are at your complete service during the flight.

Tips to make your post-arrival in Hong Kong smoother

Surprise elements can be annoying at times, especially when they might cause you inconvenience of the sort. Well, Cathay Pacific is here to ensure you are prepared for the post-landing procedures in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, you will be required to take a Covid-19 test and await the test results.

The wait might become a little uncomfortable and hectic if you were not well-prepped for it. It is advisable to have the items you need with you in a smaller bag, such as power backup, snacks, sufficiently warm clothing, and kids’ necessities.

It will be helpful to have a folder to carry around the health forms paperwork issued for filling.

Cathay Pacific will hook you with luxurious hotels in Hong Kong for a comfortable and homely place to quarantine yourself.

For those using connecting flights through Hong Kong, it is essential to have valid medical forms with you for a more straightforward medical clearance process at the airport.

Cathay Pacific caters to your travel extras, such as planning for your taxi upon request when booking your flight.

Cathay Pacific is all about your comfort and satisfaction as you ‘move beyond’ while observing the Covid-19 measures.

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