Toshiba Middle East is Enhancing Productivity in Organizations


The Workplace Solutions Business Division at Toshiba Gulf manages Toshiba office printing & workflow solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey

In today’s fast paced world, up to 99% of individuals prefer working remotely and with this in mind, process optimization is vital to keeping a business streamlined and operational. Therefore, an optimized digital approach to processes translates to greater efficiency across organizations.

The process of enhancing productivity in the workplace refers to the strategy of building a more scalable and efficient workflow by challenging and optimizing existing processes in the business. This usually means taking a more digital approach to documentation, as well as aiding the connectivity between employees and the business.

Toshiba Gulf’s team of experts are able to provide your business with the solutions you need to improve your workflow, both on-premises and in the cloud.  The organization is dedicated to excellence and provides printing and workflow solutions that capture, transform and automate your print environment and office related workflows.

Toshiba Gulf has designed their print solutions to make everything easier and more efficient for businesses and organizations, from capturing and transforming data to automating manual processes and completely personalizing workflows for improved productivity. This gives way to easier remote and workplace collaboration, which of course, makes for better business.

Toshiba is enhancing workflow and organizational structures with the following services:

  1. Managed Print Services: Toshiba Managed Print Services (MPS) is more than the basic printing and imaging needs of an office, such as equipment, supplies or management of the print fleet. Rather, Toshiba MPS adopts a dedicated, long-term approach to streamlining an organization’s entire document process. This includes data capturing, document archiving, document workflow, data security, and environmental management.
  2. Document Management: The e-Bridge Capture & Store from Toshiba, is designed to transform your paper-based filing systems and convert them into electronic document workflows. This technology bridges the gap between paper and scanned documents and information systems by converting paper into pixels. This ensures that all scan-capable devices are ready to integrate paper-based information into a digital workflow – enhancing productivity, workflow and organizational structures.
  3. Mobile Printing Solutions: Toshiba offers solutions that empower businesses to print documents without having to be in the office. The e-Bridge Print & Capture allows individuals to print and scan from Toshiba MFPs using an android device. The organization has also partnered with Airprint™ to better mobile printing solutions, allowing individuals to print remotely from an iOS or MAC device. Another option offered by Toshiba for mobile printing is Mopria® mobile printing service, a solution that enables seamless printing on the go without the need to install a driver.  Mobile printing ensures that no communication is lost or forgotten, and printing can get done as and when it is needed – with no delays.
  4. Device Management: No more downtime on printers with Toshiba’s device management solutions. Toshiba offers e-BRIDGE CloudConnect, a device-to-cloud based system that bridges the gap between machines in the field and business processes. This web-based device management system is a service tool designed to increase workplace efficiency and service operations. The e-BRIDGE CloudConnect will deliver your business real-time technical alerts and warnings which gives way to quicker problem resolutions and technicians know what parts are required before arriving to solve the problem.

With Toshiba solutions, businesses are enhancing productivity and organizational structures by reducing manual data entry, automating common processes, allowing room for digital transformation and improving management visibility across print fleets.

With only the best technology and strategy in place, Toshiba continues to help businesses  across the Gulf enhance productivity in organizational structures through digital and transformative technology.  workplace sustainability regarding their print fleet and print environment, while encouraging sustainability across their own organization.

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