Topmost ideas about how to measure happiness 


Happiness is going to be disappeared in this age. We are living a life where everyone has made himself busy in worthless things and ignoring human being. We have shifted our lifestyle as robotic by the name of technology and comfort. At this stage, many mental issues are raising among youth like tension, depression etc.

Therefore in this situation, we go for measuring our sadness or bad aspects of life. We never think that we can measure our happiness and make ourselves happy. In this regard, many people search for how to measure happiness?

So here are some ideas that could help you in measuring happiness;

  • Asking attitude changing questions 

The common mistake which survey takers do that they ask boring and dull questions. So instead of offending someone, you should ask some mood or attitude changing query so that he or she can reply adequately. Also, you would be able to get accurate results in that everyday mood.

Mood shifting is often noticed in daily human activities; therefore, you must check the time and moment of asking for survey questions. Usually, people become happy with their birthday parties so that occasion would be best for you. And It is the first idea about how to measure happiness.

  • Setting scores scale

If you want to measure your happiness, then it is also easy to do. No questionnaire or any particular survey required for this purpose. You have to give yourself a score between 0 to 10 and start checking either your happiness get much score or not.

This method is most precise and helpful than filling a questionnaire to get results about how to measure happiness. Also, it would be useful for those who just have set their mind about the dullness of their life.

  • Taking specific quizzes and guides

We all have learned a lot about definitions of happiness. That’s why it may become difficult for us to judge our happiness level. In this situation, taking short quizzes could help you out the most. These quizzes are based on daily activities and age actions. 

You can select your age cycle and the living style to get accurate results. It would be more precise if you fulfil those options by focusing on your life also. It is also the most selected way of getting answers about how to measure happiness

  • Taking help of friends 

We all have our best friends who live with us throughout the day and year. They notice our minor and significant moments in our life. They can help you with a self-scaling score of happiness measurement. Therefore take help of your best friend and then check the score scale of happiness.


While talking about happiness, we have shared some ideas through which you can easily measure happiness. Also, these are some tips to get happy as well as chilling with friends and avoiding those things which most of the time make you sad. So, I hope now your concept would be clear about the measurement of happiness. Please share with us about your happiness measurement and which things make you happier. You can share your happiness stories on the site doe and let the world know about youself.

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