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There are two types of audio file formats: ‘LOSSLESS’ and ‘LOSSY.’ Lossless format, which preserves the sound quality by not filtering the information from the original file. The file is not compressed in the lossless format. As a result, a 3-minute lossless file might consume up to 300 MB of space. WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC are examples of lossless formats. The lossy format, on the other hand, compresses the sound to make it smaller. The lossy format reduces the file size by up to 75% compared to the lossless format. As a result, the Lossless format has the superior sound quality to the lossy format. MP3, OGG, AAC, and WMA are examples of lossy formats.

MP3 and WAV formats are the two widely used formats by different users according to their needs. Wav format is one of the advanced-level audio file conversion formats. That provides uncompressed and lossless results. Lossless meant, information in the audio file will retain that offers the best listening experience to the user. There are different tools available to convert MP3 into WAV format, and before that, we have to get ourselves familiar with these and see how it works and what audio software is preferred by the user most.

Things to Know About MP3.

The MP3 is a codec (code-decode) which allows network and devices with limited memory to pass. The abbreviation of Mp3 is Mpeg Layer-3. MP3 format came out in the late ’90s. Mp3 is a compressed and lossy way of converting audio files into MP3. Lossy meant. Incomplete information is compressed from the audio file or compressing audio from 33MB to 3MB. The loss of data affects the quality of audio that a human ear can identify. Converting format was created to replace the CD format. Mp3 format can easily passable by 190 kbps. The human ear can still remember the loss of data seen in the spectral view of the same file in WAV format. When we compare both the files, we can see the difference which the listeners may not observe. Frequencies above 16 kHz will be stripped. The MP3 algorithm works on an encoding of a large amount of digital signal. It is analyzing those signals and filters out the information deemed inaudible by its algorithm. The listeners discarded report may not be heard, but the loss in transmission can be identifiable by the spectral view. It uses a thousand rules to get rid of more significant frequencies. The purpose behind deleting the information is it provides smaller size audios that can be uploaded over the internet and spread on the enormous libraries.

WAV History and What makes it Dominant.

WAV format was created in 1991 by Microsoft and IBM. ‘Waveform’ is the abbreviated name of WAV. WAV format stores detailed information to give the best quality sound to its listeners. The storage of complex information allows editors to edit recordings as per their demand. Some people prefer the crystalized sound from first listening to the music with cheap bud headphones on iPods.

Wav format is not Equivalent to Mp3 format. The format is the uncompressed and lossless format of the audio file. The lossless format helps in retaining the original information of the file. The WAV file increases the size of an audio file to give the best user experience to its listeners and Professional Software users. Studio editors most commonly use this format. The Wav file format is delivered full signal by the mix and mastering Engineers. The WAV file extensions contain audio in Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). That is uncompressed audio information and can be deal with by any resolution. It can allow you to play 192khz with a 32-bit resolution with a good soundboard. Technically, Wav format is an uncompressed exact digital copy of the music signal, in what so ever rate the recording device is working.

Conversion process before and now.

Many people used to find it hard to do the conversion process. The conversion mainly depends on the right tool. There is plenty of software available on the internet to perform the conversion task. Still, the easy-to-use software that I would like to write here is ‘EVANO,’ one of the most using conversion software that handles various conversions.


 It provides a variety of formats to be converted into the user’s desire format in one goo. The software is user-friendly and can be used by any pro or beginner user. EVANO is available free on the internet. You can access the Evano online by typing the name on google. EVANO provides a full version of editing convert MP3 to WAV service for free. In this era, where software allows a limited period trial.

EVANO is giving free conversion tools to its users. In addition, a premium version of EVANO is available for professional users like software engineers and studio editors to counter their need of storing more data and advanced level editing at a low rate. Almost all professionals use EAVANO to perform conversion tasks. 

The process to convert MP3 to WAV format:

      Go to the EVANO website online.

      Click on MP3 to WAV format.

      It will ask you to browse the file.

      Select the upload option and upload the file from your device.

      Click the covert button.

      It will take less time to convert your file.

      Then download the MP3, converted it into a WAV format file, and enjoy the music.


Now that we understand the differences between MP3 and WAV, we may use either format. To lower the audio file size, one turns it into a compressed and lossy format by eliminating information. The uncompressed and lossless formats are supported by the other. Lossless formats do not remove information from audio recordings, resulting in larger files. The lossless format keeps all of the information and allows an editor to alter the audio. As a result, WAV files are much larger than MP3 ones.

EVANO is the only safe and secure tool that provides all services of conversion in one click. As a result, EVANO delivers the best user experience to its users. The software is easy to use and user-friendly. A beginner can easily take the conversion services from EVANO’s conversion tools.

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