Top tips to be a comedian


Making people laugh is a great pleasure. But it’s not as easy as we see. Those people can do this challenging task very smoothly and naturally, are a comedian. No person doesn’t love to watch a comedy show. Everyone has a favorite comedian. Do you also want to make people laugh? Then this article is for you. Being a comedian will be impossible if you don’t follow some tips. It needs more hard work and homework. I am going to give you some essential information about how to be a great comedian. Follow and do those tasks and start your journey as a comedian.

1. Follow famous comedians:

As I’ve said before, we all know and enjoy some comedians’ performances. Watching their shows and learn from them can make your path soft. Read some funniest lines from Eric Andre and see what he follows to entertain people. Besides this, you have to know all the updated news about comedians. Always make notes about them and analyze their work. How much good you’ll be in your homework, the more you’ll get confidence during your performance. The extra knowledge will push you from behind. So your comedy performance will be better than your contemporary artist.

2. You need unique jokes:

If you follow other comedians, you might have seen something to notice. They all are different at their work. Every comedian has their self-made story and joke-narrating way. They throw their jokes as like nobody couldn’t do the same way. So before you start to perform on stage, make your performance style. You also have to create jokes that make people naturally laugh. The first time, you can narrate any funny incident with a joyful mood. And then practice more and more on joke-narrating style.

3. Get on the stage:

You’ll find many people hilarious and spontaneous around their friends and relatives. But when they get on the scene, it seems like they see any monster! It’s quite natural. A stage creates a very different vibe than a familiar environment. If you want to be a great comedian, you have to erase the fear about real-stage. Indeed, you’ll not give your best performance in your first show. But it will encourage you in your next presentation. You’ll also learn where your fault was and which things you should improve. So, when you get a chance to make a stand-up comedy, try it!

4. Learn acting:

Only throwing funny jokes won’t make you a great comedian. Besides learning to be a comedian, you need to know how to act. Standing on the stage and giving a joke is not all. You have to move like do some acting if the situation demands. Without being able to act will hamper your performance. Most recently, you can see, most of the comedy shows are hitting on the televisions are depend on any particular story or genre. If you want to follow the present style, knowing acting is very important. It will be best if you complete a short course on drama.


Here are some basic essential tips for new-comedian to follow. Many comedians start their journey without any plan. And after that, they lose track. If you want to focus on your work, you should follow those rules. Try to be a natural story-teller. Tell jokes like all are real. If you can make instant jokes or fun of any situation, people will notice you more. You also can keep in touch with other comedians and producers who can promote you. And the most important thing to remember, do your practice more and more. This fact only can make you a more professional comedian.

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