Top Reasons Why Yard Signs Remain Relevant in the Age of Internet Marketing


In a world where marketing is becoming dominated by the internet and digital technologies, many small and local businesses still employ low technology but tried and tested offline methods with great effect. For example, there is nothing fancy about yard signs, but they are an excellent method for attracting the attention of potential customers. For these reasons, you see small and local businesses like restaurants, retail stores, real estate agents, and even politicians with election aspirations using yard signs to communicate with their target audiences. Some of the most compelling reasons for the popularity of yard signs:

Pinpoint Targeting of Customers

Most community businesses use yard signs because they can talk directly to the audiences that matter to them in the specific location and restrict the wastage, typically a bane of most mass media advertising. With the right kind of street-level signage businesses, local businesses can arouse the interest of their target audience at locations where it matters the most. This pinpoint accuracy makes it a great advertising option for local enterprises like retail stores, restaurants, real estate open houses, events, property for sale, voting centers, and businesses looking to fill positions.

Low Investment

Another reason for the widespread popularity of business yard signs is their low per-unit cost. Yard signs are simple in structure, which makes them far less costly than large billboards, vehicle wraps, digital marketing, not to speak TV or radio spots and newspaper advertising. Yard signs are so budget-friendly that even the smallest businesses do not have to think twice about investing in them.

Easy to Design and Install

Unlike digital or mass media campaigns that take a lot of effort, time, and money to design and execute, a local business can get as many yard signs as it needs up and running in a couple of days. Businesses can design yard signs quickly and attractively without sophisticated design software because all it needs is an attention-grabbing headline, a crisp message, contact details, a logo, and a high visibility color palette designed to attract eyeballs. Most yard sign suppliers will be glad to design the signs for you, or you can take the help of online design tools to get your job done. According to Forbes, grassroots marketing devices like yard signs help put a face to brands.

One of the biggest advantages of a yard sign is it is easy to install. Most owners of local businesses can install them on their own because they are portable, small, and don’t need any fancy equipment to install them. Because they don’t take up much space, many customers are only too happy to allow a business to put up the signs on their lawns.


In addition to ensuring zero wastage of investment with strategic placement in the vicinity of the business, a business using yard signs benefits from repeated exposure because the target audience is local. The greater exposure of yard signs also boosts brand awareness. However, the most compelling reason for using yard signs remains their low upfront cost and maintenance. The advanced plastics used in modern yard signs stand up to the elements well and are easy to clean.

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