Top Reasons why males should wear kurtas for men more frequently


Kurtas for men have been a traditional attire for ages. Most of you might store it in one corner of your closet and take it out only when you have to jazz up and sizzle for a party event. If you are also of the same notion, then you are probably unaware of the magic of kurtas in the life of men. Kurtas have risen beyond being just a party attire and should be worn more frequently.

Want to know why you should be more inclined to wear kurtas for men? Here are a few reasons that will make you believe that kurtas are forever and force you to buy a good collection of kurtas:

Endless color options

Did you think that colors are only meant to embrace womanhood and come down in different color variants in Kurtis for women? You are probably wrong here. Kurta pajamas sets are available in various color options. Did you think that you can never wear a pastel green or pink? Probably you should search in kurtas for men, and you’ll soon get a color of your choice. Kurtas are usually available in a plethora of color options. Ranging from glorious colors to regal ones and even the funky colors, you can try them all out beyond the regular black, blue, and white colors.

Textures that can melt your heart

Moving ahead the color palette affair, if you are looking for some superb textures, then again, kurtas for men can please you. Beyond cotton and silk, kurtas for men are manufactured in different textures. And, you can pick on one based on your choice and preferences. All you can say is that this attire is one of the most versatile outfits that you can purchase to suit different occasions with some regal-looking royal textures as per the requirement.

It can dress you up instantly

With kurtas, you do not need to pay much heed to your accessories and other dressing up essentials. You do not have to go for matching shoes or shades. Kurtas require some basic styling, and you are all done for the day. These clothing attires can be simply worn with jeans or pajamas and have the powers to separate you from the crowd in your own distinct style.

To get some quirky prints

Kurtas for men do not have to always be in that old boring plain color shades. Kurtas have moved ahead the color shades and are also available in different designs and prints. And beyond simple prints, they are also exclusively available in quirky prints. So if you are looking for some quirky prints that you cannot wear while donning on shirts and t-shirts, kurtas should be your choice to go ahead with.

Jackets are an add-on

Apart from wearing pajamas and chappals with your kurtas, jackets are an add-on for instant styling. Nehru jackets are all the rage these days that can be easily purchased and worn with them to hit a wedding party event.

They are super comfortable

Yes, we know that this might have left a question mark in mind as to how can a party outfit be so comfy. But here, we are not talking about the party kurtas and embroidered kurta sets but the basic ones. The basic kurtas are some comfy that they are also used as sleepwear. Ask the men, and you will find most of them saying a yes to using kurtas for men as a nightdress. Hence, one can easily wear one and go to bed wearing it.

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Turban and kurtas- a perfect combo

Wait! Are you still deciding about what to wear for your friend’s wedding party with the turban on? Kurtas for men can compliment you in every way. A turban can very well gel with a kurta and can exclusively define your style aesthetic.

They take you close to the culture

South Asian countries have their own different cultures and traditions to present. And, kurtas for men are a symbol of a traditional dress that infuses a traditional taste in every man who prefers wearing a kurta. It can be thought of as a revolutionary outfit that connects the people with their roots.

They can fit every event

Kurtas can be worn for almost all types of events, and the best thing about them is that they can style you as per your choice. Neither is it exclusively a party dress nor a casual dress. But it can serve you double duty and can deck you up as per your desire. For a casual outing, you can simply couple up a plain pastel shade with a pair of jeans and walk out in style. At the same time, you can also consider wearing the printed designs and couple up your kurtas with Nehru jackets to rock a party look.

It can be worn at different places

Apart from being a casual and party outfit, it can also be worn to places like religious places and workplaces. It is a decent-looking dress that can be worn even at the holiest places and still proclaim your charm.


These were a few probable reasons why every male gender should have a collection of kurtas for men in their wardrobe. May it be Kurtis for women or kurtas for men, kurtas have their own distinct style of dressing up with people in style?

So what are you waiting for? Get a collection of kurtas now and get ready to rock different styles as per your mood and desire.

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