Top Reasons To Live in A Hostel in Pune


Living on your own for the first time in a student city like Pune can seem like an incredible adventure. For the first time in your life, you’ve got complete autonomy and freedom to make your own decisions. But at the same time, figuring out where you can live, setting up utilities, negotiating with landlords and looking for flatmates on the internet can take up a lot of time and money that you don’t have to give. Luckily, that’s not the end of the road for you. As a city that’s fully equipped to handle the large migrant population that it receives every year, Pune has a whole host of girls hostels and PGs that you can check out as an affordable alternative to living in a rented apartment.

But hold up, if you’re worried that living in a hostel is going to crimp your style, there’s plenty of new age professionally managed hostels like Stanza Living that you can check out. These places are kitted out with the best of amenities, tech-integrated and ready to become a home to someone as cool as you. And if you still need convincing, we’ve got a list of reasons for why choosing a hostel in Pune will be great for you.


Whether you’re a student or a young working professional, money isn’t exactly overflowing. So, you don’t want to be spending huge chunks of it on rent. It’s well known that living in a flat can get quite expensive, as you’ll have to pay not only the rent but also the costs of setting up and maintaining your utilities, buying groceries, engaging a domestic help, and more. But living in a hostel cuts all of that out. You have all the convenience of living in a flat in your own private room, and none of the cost. In a hostel you’ll just have to pay a single monthly rent which will be inclusive of all facilities and services so no more panic for you over keeping track of paying separate bills.


If you’re living in an apartment, every single chore from doing the dishes to cleaning the bathroom becomes your responsibility. But in a hostel, there is maintenance staff to take care of that. You don’t need to worry about household management beyond your own room, leaving you time and energy free to do things that you actually enjoy. In fact, your hostel might even provide you extra amenities like meals, laundry services, or WiFi connections, ensuring that you really don’t have to stress over your basic necessities.

A sense of community

When you move to Pune for the first time, you might not know anyone in the city. It can take time for you to adjust and start making friends. But if you live in a hostel, you’ve got a built in social circle that you can count on. Chances are that the others in the hostel are also new to the city so you can bond with them and even explore Pune together. A lot of hostels also organise game nights and community events during festive seasons for all residents to come together and celebrate, so you can enjoy yourself with your co-residents without even leaving the building.

Living light

As a young person in Pune, you don’t want to tie yourself down with a bunch of furniture and homeware that you have to haul around with you whenever you move. And living in a hostel allows you to do that. You’ll have access to a furnished space so you don’t need to worry about investing in furniture or decluttering before you move out. All you need to do is show up in Pune with your personal belongings and essentials and look for women’s hostels near me. You’ll be able to find a hostel that suits your needs and allows you to save your space and money for things that really matter. Being able to live light is going to give you a lot more freedom.

That sums up why you should choose to live in a hostel in Pune. So, do your research well and find one in a convenient location for you.

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