Top Reasons to Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon over Male


Plastic surgery has become common these days. It helps you improve your appearance and creates a significant impact on your looks, image, lifestyle, and feelings. It also boosts your confidence and allows you to get many opportunities in all the spheres of life.

Plastic surgery has become popular among males and females, but female patients’ ratio to males is higher, while male plastic surgeons’ number is higher. But many females do not feel comfortable while consulting male surgeons. So if you are a woman and want to consult a surgeon, you will indeed feel more comfortable discussing your problem with the surgeon of the same gender from the initial consultation until the surgery occurs and aftercare procedures. 

Advantages of having a female plastic surgeon

Below are the reasons why consulting a female surgeon is more comfortable for a female compared to a male plastic surgeon

Spends more time in consultation 

Statistics show that a female plastic surgeon spends more time consulting a patient, which is of utmost importance than a male surgeon. A plastic surgeon needs to develop a relationship with the patients. Since women use communication to discover and share, the female surgeon spends time with her patients during the initial consultation, makes her patients comfortable, and tries to connect with them. They will listen to what you have to say and be ready to address all your questions regarding the process.


During the initial consultation, only where a female discusses all her problems, the goals of the surgery that she wants, the part of the body that she wants the surgery to take place, etc. So if the patient herself is not comfortable discussing the problem with the surgeon, how will she be comfortable during the procedure, which is usually a long process. Thus, people prefer to consult a female surgeon not to hesitate while discussing your problem.

Has the ability to understand better

It is easier for a female to explain surgery goals to a female plastic surgeon than a male surgeon. For example, suppose you want to have a breast augmentation. In that case, you will surely be comfortable explaining it to a female surgeon, and how you would like your breast to appear after a breast lift will also be understood by a female surgeon more versus the male surgeon. They will also be able to know how depressed you have been due to your inferior looks.

May share the same body concerns

A female plastic surgeon may have gone through the same body concern as yours. It allows you to relate to her more. You tend to become more comfortable with her while explaining the problems that you face. She will surely understand the reason for your low confidence and help you get out of it.

Going through the same aging process

Sometimes fine lines, wrinkles, and aging can be a cause of your depression or anxiety. But you need not worry about the aging process because the female plastic surgeon understands the feeling that goes on in your mind because of the aging system and will help you come out of the problem by treating you with absolute compassion. 

If you want to consult a plastic surgeon, you should undoubtedly consult Dr Ong Wei Chen, female plastic surgeon with whom you will feel very comfortable and get the desired goals you are looking for after surgery. With her skills, she will make you even more beautiful and help boost your confidence.

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