Top 7 Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain and Increase Flexibility


Shoulder pain is unfortunately all too familiar to most people, but that by no means indicates that it has to be!   A Physiotherapy Brisbane professional explains how shoulder exercises and increased flexibility are fantastic ways to both cure and prevent persisting or acute pain. A few exercises to relieve your pain and up your shoulder mobility include…

Across Chest Extension 

The across chest stretch is fantastic for relieving tension, increasing flexibility and for stretching your muscles post workout. Extend one arm straight out in front of you and use your other to hinge it across your chest, holding it to your body at a right angle. Be sure to keep your extended arm nice and straight. Hold for thirty to sixty seconds and repeat on the other side brisbane physio.

Neck Release

This is an easy, gentle way to release your neck and your shoulders wherever you are. Simply stand or sit upright with your shoulders dropped down away from your neck. Next, tilt your head forward, you should feel a release down the back of your neck and spine. Then, lean your head to the right and hold for a minute, move backwards and hold for a minute, then go to the left and hold for a minute. Do this three to five times to really release your shoulders and your neck. 

Chest Expansion and Release

A chest expansion is an amazing relief, particularly for those who spend the majority of their day sitting (or hunched over) at their desk. You can either use a stretch band, a long piece of fabric or, for a gentler release, extend your arms backwards. Stand straight with your feet hip width apart, hold your band, fabric or arms behind you and open your chest forward. Hold this for thirty to sixty seconds and repeat throughout your working day.

Seated Twist 

This is going to stretch your shoulders, spine and neck, all whilst sitting down! Sit in a chair with a straight spine and your feet planted flat on the floor, right beneath your knee position. Twist your upper body to the left and place your arm at the back of your right thigh for a release. Hold for thirty to sixty seconds and repeat on your right side.

Shoulder Circles 

Shoulder circles will increase the blood flow to your joints and warm up your muscles, so this is great for a pre-exercise stretch session. Stand and support yourself by placing your hand on the back of a chair, barre or surface. Let your other arm relax, swinging downwards. Circle your relaxed arm five times clockwise and anti-clockwise, repeat on the other side. 

Doorway Twist 

A doorway twist is going to open up your chest whilst strengthening your shoulder muscles. Stand in your nearest doorway facing at a 90 degree angle. Step one foot forward and press your palms down into the door’s frame. Tense your stomach muscles and lean forward to increase the stretch. Hold for sixty seconds and repeat on the other foot. 

Child’s Pose – Resting 

Finally, Child’s Pose. This position is so great for relaxing your entire body whilst releasing your shoulders and neck safely. Start by sitting upright on your knees with your shins and feet pressed flat into the floor. Hinge forward to place your forehead on a cushion, mat or the floor in front of you. Send your arms back behind you, staying close to your ribcage, Place your palms upwards. 

These stretches and exercises can help to increase your flexibility and shoulder pain. Always seek help of a professional physiotherapist to treat ongoing pains or injuries.

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