Top 5 YouTube Video Editor Tools for Mac in 2021.


Who doesn’t love to watch nice videos if not movies? If you want to access millions of fantastic videos on the same platform, YouTube is the site to visit. Again, not only watching videos but you can also upload your videos to reach millions of subscribers on this platform. Uploading videos here is a downhill slide but you need to create stunning content that will be enjoyed by the viewers.

To make high-quality videos for YouTube, you need a professional video editing tool and can be free or paid. Paid software does not guarantee great output or handy video editing features. The various YouTube video editing software available on the internet today have distinct features. To decide the one to use, it’s best if you considered specific features for individual tools and how useful they are in video editing.

If you don’t keenly look at these features, you are likely to install a tool that won’t be useful to you. For example, you might install a software that is designed for professional video editors while you are a newbie. Understanding how each tool functions will enable you pick only the one that suits you.

Below are the best YouTube video editor tools for Mac that are useful by different categories of video editors:

1. Filmora X Video Editor.

The Filmora Video Editor from Wondershare remains the best video editor for Mac and Windows. It comes with many video effects to enable you to come up with fully personalized videos when editing. With an array of ready-made video templates, you can create a flawless video, especially when transiting from one scene to the other.

This professionally designed software comes with unique filters and other features to ensure you only create the best videos for use on YouTube. The software supports multiple file formats and will always give a high-quality output of edited videos.

It is the best overall YouTube video editing software because it’s useful by both beginners and experienced YouTubers when editing their video content.

Key Features:

  • Keyframing.
  • Motion tracking.
  • Audio ducking.
  • Green screen.
  • Color matching.

Other YouTube Video Editor Tools.

Other than the Filmora YouTube video editor for Mac, other tools can help you attain high-quality videos. Some of them are highlighted below:

1. iMovie.

Those who have used the iMovie video editing software will always talk of simplicity. It is a great choice for beginners who consider themselves as “learners.” This software allows users to easily import videos, edit videos, and insert titles. With the iMovie YouTube video editor, you can also add soundtracks to your videos conveniently without losing the original quality.

To add the files you want to edit, you’ll simply drag and drop them on the platform’s interface. Again, this software allows you to share videos directly to YouTube. Though the iMovie software is simple to use compared to most video editors available for YouTube videos, it doesn’t import files in MP4 format. Therefore, you will be required to first convert the format of your video files if they are in MP4 format. This might inconvenience you and may also take time if you have many video files.

2. Final Cut Pro.

Do you feel that you have gained enough experience in video editing? If YES, this is the right video editing tool for you. It’s among the best free professional YouTube video editing tools you can get from the internet.

It is readily compatible with Mac and is designed with highly sophisticated features. This tool was designed by Apple Corporation and offers a free 90 days trial after which you are supposed to make a one-time payment to continue using it.

The good thing about this software is that it gives value for money to the buyers because it makes professional videos making it good for top YouTubers. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac operating system and it’s also not favorable for newbies.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro.

This is the best software for editing YouTube videos for us by pro-level video editors. Available for Mac and Windows, the software offers a 30 days free trial and later a $31.49 monthly subscription. Of course, it’s an industry-standard video editing tool but it’s inconvenient for new users. Though it has professional features, it is exceptionally expensive. Newbies who haven’t yet started earning from their YouTube channel may not afford the high subscription fee. It could be great if the subscription cost was reduced or they increased the free trial period to at least 90 days.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush.

It’s not everyone lucky to own a computer. Some of us can only watch a video on smartphones and that’s all. Luckily, we aren’t left behind. Premiere Rush was developed for use on mobile phones. It’s not only computer owners who want to edit videos but some of us can start our YouTubing journey with smartphones. It is the best YouTube video editing software you can use on your mobile phone.

The Premiere Rush video editing software is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can get it on Apple Store or Google Play Store. Users are required to make monthly subscriptions of $9.99. You can only get a free starter plan if you enroll for a Creative Cloud membership plan which calls for a $52.99 monthly subscription when the starter plan ends.

5. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an easy-to-use online video editing platform that works great with Mac and any computer with internet access. There is no software download necessary because you can conveniently access it from a Google Chrome web browser. It is popular with content creators and small businesses that need to create professional-looking videos instantly.

With this video editor, you can easily import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, a computer, or and a mobile phone. The free version offers trimming, speed adjustment, text overlay, filters, webcam or screen recording, and more. They’ve recently added unique features like a green screen editor, AI voiceover, and an audio visualizer. You can upgrade to a paid version (starting at $9 a month) to get full access to over 800,000 stock video and audio files, file compression capability, cloud backup, and more.


A lot has been said about YouTubing and video editing. Unfortunately, successful YouTubing requires high-quality videos that cannot be achieved without a good video editing tool.

Though we have many video editing tools, Wondershare’s Mac video editor is a great choice for pros and newbies. We all see that Filmora gives you value for money than most other YouTube Editing tools. It has many useful features some of which aren’t in the other software but the paid version is relatively cheaper than most other video editing software. Whether you want to start YouTubing or are an experienced YouTuber, we would recommend this sophisticated software.

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