Top 5 Types of Tombstone Headstones


If you walk past a cemetery, visit a memorial showroom, or browse a collection of tombstones online, you will find a wide variety of tombstones in all shapes and sizes. Not to mention the different tombstone materials and colors.

With so many tombstones to choose from, where do you start when looking for the perfect lawn monument? The choices can seem pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a specific tombstone shape or style in mind. Hmm.

Familiarizing yourself with popular tombstone shapes is a good way to start your search.

We come across not only classic styles but also modern and non-traditional forms. Whatever shape you choose should be perfect for you and your loved one. You can review them here.

Choosing a headstone or headstone is no easy task, but understanding the range of options available, including all shapes and sizes, will at least give you an idea of ​​what is possible.

Considering that these tombstone shapes we will highlight are probably the most popular, a skilled memorial stonemason can create a unique design to bring your ideas to life and use it as well.

Considering the rules and regulations of the cemetery, the cemetery, and the natural environment, we will allow you to place the gravestone in the burial place of your choice.

Here are some of the top five types of tombstones:

1. Check The Tombstone On Top

Checkered tombstones are very similar in appearance to square tombstones in that they each have a very shallow angle, the only difference being that they have a raised portion at the top. That’s it.

This edgy and dramatic shape brings a unique take on the traditional square top while keeping things simple and elegant.

2. Ozzy’s Tombstone

Aussie gravestones look elegant, with a slightly curved surface at the top. This is another unique take on the traditional square top, offering something a little softer visually.

3. Arc Top With Shoulders

A popular shoulder tombstone-shaped bow top with a traditional vintage taste. In this design, the familiar bowed bodice is complemented by curved or squared shoulders on the sides. This tombstone is common in both old and modern cemeteries and has long been popular.

4. Semi-Circular Tombstone

Semi-circular tombstones are another version of vaulted tombstones, but only this shape is more dramatic. The top of the tombstone is rounded, creating a continuous curvilinear shape that does not straighten until it reaches the sides completely.

The semi-circular shape of the tombstone is often described as quirky and quirky.

5. Arc Top With Scotia Shoulder Headstone

Like a standard arched headstone, this shape curves along the top edge, then gently curves into a delicate scotia shoulder at each top corner.

This feature adds a unique elegance to the look of the tombstone, offering a second option for those who prefer archtops without deviating too much from the form.

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