Top 5 Sledging masters in cricket

Everyone wants to win matches, and cricketers are not different from them. Some of the cricketers lose their temper during the game’s crucial moment, and then they usually tease the opponents by their words or activities.

Let’s see some of the cricketers used to do teasing on the field.

Virat Kohli:

Kohli, an Indian international, played 416 matches so far for his country. This Indian genius is a world-class batsman, and he is a present Indian captain. Kholi never wants to lose the game and teasing opponents many times in the field. From his early career, he used to it.

Ricky Ponting:

Ricky Thomas Ponting played almost 580 international matches for his country Australia. He was a successful captain and led Australia to win many ICC trophies. Ponting was brilliant on the field and teased opponents about losing their temper and getting out quickly. He was a world-class teasing master.

Andrew Flintoff:

Flintoff played 227 International matches for his country England. He led the players to tease the opponents—some time Flintoff loss his tempers. Many blame Flintoff’s nature for losing the game against India in the 2007 T20 World cup.

Wahab Riaz:

Riaz has played almost 136 international matches for his country Pakistan. He is a player who loses his tempers very quickly. His fights with Shakin Al Hasan and Shane Watson were a hot topic then.

David Warner:

Warner, an Australian stylish left-handed opener, has played 289 international matches so far. He is very much aggressive on his batting and could be aggressive on his behaviors for his team’s needs. He teases players to get out quickly.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but sometimes unpleasant things happen here too. All the players contribute to their teams and try to do whatever the team needs from him because they love their country, and they are professional.

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