Top 5 Reasons To Insulate Your Heating Ductwork


The ductwork in your home plays an essential role in circulating heated and cooled air in the house. While you may have your HVAC system working efficiently, you need to know that other things like uninsulated ductwork can lead to heat loss and higher energy bills. You want to make sure that the ductwork is inspected by hvac repair Las Vegas to determine if it’s in its best condition and make sure there is nothing trapped in there. You also need to know if it’s adequately insulated to prevent loss of heat. Here are five reasons why you want to invest in ducted heating through insulation and maintenance.

1. Lower Utility Bills

Ductwork insulation helps ensure that air moving through the duct channels stays at the desired temperature. It helps ensure the air won’t leak out as leaking air results in unwanted energy loss. If air is leaking out of the ductwork, it means that the HVAC system is being overworked or working harder. This translates to higher utility bills due to the wasted energy. You may be losing up to 30 percent of the energy you use to cool or heat your home if the ductwork insulation is not in proper shape.

2. Prevents Condensation

Condensation in ductwork can occur when cold air passes through warmer areas of the home. Such condensation can lead to a buildup of moisture inside enclosed spaces of the duct system. The presence of moisture can result in different kinds of problems, including mold and mildew growth. Having proper insulation levels helps prevent condensation from happening in your ductwork.

3. Increase Comfort

When you have cold air entering your home, the house’s temperature will reduce, and your furnace overworks. If your heating equipment is struggling to maintain the specified thermostat temperature, it means that your family isn’t getting the kind of temperature it needs. You may find that some areas aren’t receiving the warmth they need, yet the heating system is working harder. To make sure the furnace is efficient, you want to seal or insulate the ductwork to prevent heat loss during the transfer of heat throughout different rooms and spaces of the house.

4. Improve Air Quality

You can control moisture and airflow through sealing and insulation. When you seal the ductwork, it means that contaminants won’t enter the duct line to circulate your home. By minimizing pollutants getting into your home and circulating the duct system, you ensure that your family breaths in cleaner air. This is important as it helps prevent respiratory complications that arise due to the presence of particulates in the air.

5. Enhance the Life of Heating Equipment

When your heating equipment doesn’t have to struggle to maintain the desired temperature, you ensure that it works within its capacity. The equipment won’t fail prematurely due to overworking, meaning its life lengthens provided that you give it the servicing and maintenance it needs.

Just like you don’t want to get outside during frigid days without a coat or thermal wear, your home requires layers of protection. Ductwork insulation is a good thing as it provides an extra layer of protection from heat loss, ensuring that your heating system works efficiently and doesn’t struggle.

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