Top 5 Low Budget Laptops 2020/2021


Cheap laptops are getting a lot of attention in recent years. Because the hardware of the budget range is getting more and more affordable and more powerful than before. So for the normal people budget, pc is a great choice. If you are casual and want to do some daily day to day normal task and some writing or normal work, the budget pc might be a better choice for you. It costs less but can get your job done. Budget pc don’t break your bank.

Here are some of the budget laptops you can buy right now.

Asus Vivobook 15 15.6-inch laptop

Asus is well known for its components for pcs. But it also produces a great number of laptop in a good price to performance ratio. Asus Vivobook 15 is a great budget-friendly laptop from Asus. The laptop comes with 512 GB SSD. So the overall performance of this laptop would be fast and smooth. The laptop also very lightweight and have a decent amount of battery comes with Ryzen 5 processor and 8 GB ram

You can buy this laptop at around $499. In this price range, it is a great choice.

Asus 11.6 inch Chromebook

It is one of the cheapest laptop out there. At a price point around $189, we cannot expect it to be extraordinary. The laptop has a decent specification for its price range. The laptop offers a Chrome OS experience. As it is a browser-based operating system, it doesn’t need such kind of horsepower. It comes with just 16 GB of storage. It also has a MicroSD card option. So you can expend the storage if you need that.

It might be a great overall choice for people who uses a laptop for watching or doing some typing and some entry-level work with their laptop.

Acer Aspire 3 14 inch laptop (2020 edition)

Laptop company Acer offers a great option in this price range with this laptop. It is the only laptop in this price range which offers 12 GB of ram. The laptop also packs with 128 GB of fast SSD. So the boot time and overall performance can be found smooth and fast in this laptop. The processor of this laptop is A9.

In the price tag of $399, it becomes a great choice for lightweight work and browsing watching videos etc.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet

In the lower price range, a Chromebook is a great choice for its price to performance ratio. In the lower price range getting a Windows, the laptop is like a nightmare. So for the day to day task, a Chromebook is a good choice.  Lenovo Ideapad offers a chrome os. It has a good 16:10 ratio 1920*1200 resolution. It is not as sharp as Ipad but it gets the job than pretty well. But for the daily work and normal browsing and light productivity work. It works well in a good internet connection.

So in a price tag about $430, it is a great deal indeed.

Hp 14 inch Laptop

Hp, a market-leading company, offers a great product in $351 price range. The laptop has an AMD Athlon processor. SO it powers efficient and a decent processor for normal lightweight work and browsing. The laptop also has 4GB of ram 128 GB SSD. This configuration makes the laptop a great overall package in this price segment. You can find best laptop 30000 in India at

A laptop is an important thing in our daily life. It is not possible to cover all the laptops in one place. But these are the best laptop in their price category. It all depends on the work type and use the case of a laptop. We hope to see more and more laptop in this price segment.

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