Top -5 Best Affiliate Programs


What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program provides you earning opportunities by promoting products or services offered by websites. In today’s world, the affiliates are able to earn high amounts of dollars because of which it has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Almost all the websites on the internet offer affiliate program. Some offer more favorable remunerations while some offer less generous remunerations. When you apply to be an affiliate for a website company then the company either allocates you with its affiliate link or affiliate code. As an affiliate you are required to promote the product or services of the website company through your affiliate link or affiliate code in order to qualify for the earnings.

Following are the Top-5 highest paying Affiliate Programs in the year 2020

  1. PMbizbee Affiliate : In the year 2020, PMbizbee has paid highest affiliate payouts than any other company. PMbizbee offers high quality courses on reasonable cheap prices which make it easy to promote and sell. It provides affiliate code to its affiliates to enable them to track earnings. The best part is that it offers its affiliate a minimum of 50% share on sales revenue with a maximum of 75% share on the sales revenue, which is highest among all the giants on the internet. PMbizbee is offered by Perfect Money e-wallet/payment gateway solutions which has been in existence since 2007 and is one of the most trusted companies. The reason for placing PMbizbee Affiliate at the first position is that it is much suitable for new comers as affiliates and its business model does not distinguish between old and new affiliates making it a fair playground for all sorts of affiliates.
  2. Amazon Associates : Amazon has turned to be one of the biggest company on the planet with annual sales in multi billions of dollars. It is an e-commerce website selling thousands of products on its website. As an affiliate at Amazon you will be offered commissions ranging from 10% to 40% of sales revenue depending on the product you promote. The best part of the Amazon Associate program is that it has thousands of products to choose from in order to promote as an affiliate.
  3. Ebay Partner Network : Though Ebay is considered as one of the best for affiliate because of many thousands of products offerings, but because of its auction sale model the price of a product remains uncertain till the end of the auction. As an affiliate it is difficult to forecast earnings on the promoted product. Moreover, its limited short cookie lifetime, Affiliates struggle to capitalize their efforts.
  4. Clickbank: It mainly offers digital products and offers generous affiliate commissions up to 40% of sales revenue. However, the payment calculations for its affiliate earnings are a bit complex and competition among Clickbank affiliate is fierce and a source of discouragement for new affiliates who join the Clickbank.
  5. Shareasale : It is a place where you go to find various vendors offering their products or services. Each vendor offers different terms of commissions. It has many thousands of offerings to choose from which makes it an attractive choice among seasoned affiliates. However, new affiliates struggle to earn commissions from here due to high level of diverse competition in existence. 

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