Top 5 Benefits of Generic Tap Handles for You Bar


Generic tap handles are a great solution for pubs that are looking for different ways to make beer serving more convenient and fast.

It may seem that such tap handles lose against the background of vintage or personalized taps. However, these simple models have a few non-obvious advantages, making them a great choice for every modern bar:

1. Versatility

Regardless of what beverages you offer in your establishment, these tap handles will do a great job – dispensing fresh and aromatic beer!

So that customers can get acquainted with the assortment, make the appropriate page in the menu, or place a banner in a prominent position with all available beverages.

2. Minimalist look

These models are suitable for almost any bar, as their restrained simple design will not compete with other interior details.

And they look good in minimalist-styled bars, where every element of design is strictly in its place. Simple, rational, and stylish!

3. Fit for branding

Let’s say you don’t know what drinks are on the static menu yet. In this case, you can purchase blank taps and apply branding later, after deciding on the range.

4. Wide choice

In fact, blank taps can offer a large variety of different design options.

  • Material: ceramic or wood (ash-tree or alder).
  • Color: for ceramic black or white, marble effect; for wood – shade of your chosen wood variety;
  • Shape: rectangular, rounded, with a knob, paddle-shaped, screw-shaped, etc.

As you can see, even ordinary beer handles can be very original!

5. High quality

Do not take generic tap handles as the worst you can buy for your bar. Yes, they look as simple as possible. But a simple look does not mean low quality.

Take a closer look at the products of the popular company Xpress Tap Handles: the brand has already produced more than 2,000 different beer handles. They pay special attention to the quality of their products, so they are made as convenient and functional as possible!

By the way, Xpress Tap Handles can perform branding, if in the future you decide on your range. In addition, the brand website also presents collectible, chalkboard, and custom beer taps, so that you will find the model that beautifies your bar and attracts even more customers!

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