Top 12 Sites To Buy Active TikTok Followers in 2022


 These are the best websites to buy active TikTok followers in 2022.

If you’ve been trying to grow on TikTok then you definitely come across various kinds of online platforms that sell TikTok products.

Whether you bought them or not you have definitely considered buying them by now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have landed on this webpage.

However it’s hard to find the platform that’s first legit, offers quality, and perhaps cheap, and most importantly delivers active followers.

Especially in the age of popularity of bots, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a platform that sells only active followers.

While it is difficult to find one it won’t be so difficult for you since we have listed 14 websites that not only sell various TikTok products but also active followers that help you grow on TikTok.

Let’s get started


Pubtok is one of the social media e-commerce platforms that basically deals with TikTok only.

It’s therefore the platform offers only the best quality products whether it’s views, likes, or followers.

The platform is also famous for offering various discounts on occasions like the 4th of July or any other holiday. And those aren’t some insignificant discounts as well.

Usually, the discounts start from 15% of the 35% store wide. Apart from that the platform also offers free TikTok followers and other free products.

They have those free products of course first to make users happy but also to let the visitors have the opportunity to check out the platform for free. Because they are sure once we check out the platform you’re going to want to buy the products.

The platform hosts a number of positive reviews and has a number of positive reviews on Trustpilot as well.

They also have a chat support that users can contact and ask questions with. And those services help us to determine this platform as one of the best in the market today.


Feedpixel is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the market today. It’s all in one shop for all social media services. Thus they definitely are for TikTok products especially followers.

This platform has been in the business for quite a long time and has been offering some of the best services in the world. Due to their high quality of followers they offer the platform has received quite a number of positive reviews and a whole horde of loyal customers that keep coming back.

Of course, the main reason for that is not just a customer service in the quality but also the fact that those followers are active.

They resemble real people in every way possible having their oven followers, posts, following and everything else that every human crater would have.

Now apart from the quality and the real list of their fans, the prices are very competitive. In fact their pricing strategy come at the very lower group of cheap platforms despite them offering real and active people.

The platform also offers bundles which are great especially if you are buying hundred TikTok fans and likes and views which would be more expensive if bought separately.

Yet buying them in a bundle would result in twice or three times cheaper product. This is definitely a platform that offers top rated surface with real and safe followers and an organic growth that each and every user can expect to receive.

To add as an icing on the top they have fast delivery with a customer confidentiality and a 24/7 support with an online chat that is there to take care of you with each and every question.


The platform that adds fuel to the business especially the TikTok one is called tikfuel. This is also another platform like the first one at least that focuses only TikTok products. And the same way the followers they offer out of high quality and are as real as they can possibly get.

The platform offers quite a bit of convenience that make doing business with them real simple for example they don’t ask for your password and they provide support 24/7.

The followers you buy out of high quality and delivery itself is very safe which means will impact the  algorithm.

It will notice you have new followers and start to think of you as a bigger player than you were before you purchase the followers. And best of all of their services come with a lifetime guarantee, their followers won’t ever get removed because they don’t use bots.

The platform has quite a number of positive reviews that prove how good the platform is and the pricing is also very competitive.

Yeah, the best feature about the platform probably is the payments that are offered it which make it very secure.

Overall this is definitely one of the best websites in the market where you can buy active TikTok followers in 2022 without ever worrying whether you’re going to be banned or suspended because none of that is going to happen plus they have a great service with competitive pricing and high quality all over which make up for a great platform.


In discussing the best platforms to buy active TikTok followers we’ve come across the website called Trollishly. This happens to be one of the best not just in terms of offering 100% high-quality, social media services but also to help you boost your online presence through genuine and authentic services for all social media platforms including TikTok.

This is the platform to look for if you want to amplify or exposure online and enhance your audience by buying real and genuine TikTok followers.

They also provide fast delivery with high quality and it focus on 24/7 customer support that’s guarantee to keep you happy.

The platform host a number of positive testimonials all of which talk about how great it is to deal with this platform and some of these reviews are actually from businesses who regularly by their services the further their own businesses on social media.

The fact that they offer a 100% money guarantee and various payment options means it’s a safe platform that has no intention whatsoever the cheat customers.

This is a platform where you can also find other TikTok products like shares, comments, mentions etc. This is like a truly One-Stop shop for all your TikTok needs there there isn’t anything you cannot find.


Another online ecommerce platform that we are going to discuss is called Fame shop. As the name suggests it’s a shop where you can buy services to become famous.

In fact, it’s one of the leading TikTok followers, like, view, and share providers. This is where you boost your TikTok account is definitely with just the help of a few clicks.

The best thing about the platform is that they have very complex surprising as well and the whole process of checking out is really simple it’ll only take three steps.

Although their design seems to be copied from other websites the platform is decent enough that people wouldn’t mind having and doing purchases.

They also offer a various payment method that facilitate and increase customer experience on the platform.

Although they don’t have a chat support you can contact them through their email at any moment. Overall this is one of the best in the markets because it has cheap prices and good quality products.


Getviral is an authority and social media service. It’s much like other platforms One-stop-shop for social media services with exclusive support.

This is where you can buy real TikTok views, followers, and likes. The platform has been serving market for over 7 years and has completed over 150,000 orders in this time frame.

Also, they conducted a questionnaire on the clients which found that 85% of them were happy and returned to the platform after their first purchase.

This only goes to prove that they provide the highest quality services in the market in fact they do offer money-back guarantee in case if they fail to do so without any questions asked.

It just goes to further prove that satisfaction is really a guarantee this platform. This they do because of their company culture which states that if you’re working with them then your family.

No matter how small or large or older might be they respect you the same and in fact take care of you the same as well.

The platform has been operational for so long that it hasn’t received loads of positive reviews as well. And those reviews prove that this is truly one of the best websites in the market to buy TikTok followers in 2022.


Social-viral is one platform that outdoes the rest in terms of a lot of things. First of all, they offer real and exclusive followers, likes and views. And one of the only places to get real social media services that will not only stick to your profile but also stay active throughout their lifetime.

It’s a platform that’s been mentioned in a variety of popular digital journals like men’s journal, Los Angeles Times, Harold ne,t and others.

The reason being this is a platform that has been making people happy for a long time and this can be reflected in their reviews on the website and by those mentions just mentioned in other platforms.

They also have very fast delivery and a guarantee because they want to leave a lasting impression on on clients so if you’re unsatisfied with the quality or delivery of the order you can tell them and they’ll refund the order that isn’t fulfilled right away.

To ask for the refund you can contact them at any time through there 24/7 support by writing an email or calling them on there social media apps.

Overall this is definitely one of the best websites in the market that sells active TikTok followers but also helps to make sure people who come to the platform live happy without any complaints.


If you’re looking to boost your social media through a large network of influencers and interested parties that are ready to help you grow. At the same time get famous on various social media platforms like youtube, Twitter, and TikTok. Useviral is the One-stop-shop for you.

One of the first things worth mentioning about the platform is its prices and how cheap they are. They could be another cheapest platform in the market.

Especially when it comes to buying TikTok followers with past delivery the platform starts your office 25% discount at the normal rate.

Use viral also guarantees safe and security delivery that’s very fast and in fact the delivery time takes from a few hours to maximum a day.

Yet the quality of the followers you buy doesn’t falter either. This is the high quality followers that are not only active but look as much as possible like the real people.

If you’re looking to buy active TikTok followers that is going to help you grow you’re just because you’re buying them but also organically this is definitely platform to do that with and one that you should definitely come as often as possibly can to keep up the growth.


If you’re looking to buy real TikTok followers without bots no spams no fake accounts just real targeted organic growth this is the platform to visit.

In fact this is a platform that does its business in a fairly different way than most other platforms. And that is they don’t sell followers by the Numbers they sell TikTok services by subscription.

Each subscription will include not just followers but things like smart targeting a real targeted results dedicated account manager 24/7 supports that’s going to get you organic growth engagement rate and everything else in between.

Buying TikTokfollowers from this platform you’ll get to engage with real and relevant TikTok users who will follow you because you happen to be the ideal influencer.

The platform also offers the number of ways to do your payment and loads of positive reviews on the platform.

That all means that this is a very safe and secure platform to do your business with because it offers many payment options and it’s got loads of reviews.

When it comes to pricing though it could be a bit tricky to compare to other platforms because with the other platforms you’re buying a certain number of products.

However with this platform you’re not buying a third number of products that you’re buying weekly subscriptions that are guaranteed to provide you not just that number of products but even more and in fact they’re guaranteed to provide organically.

So this is definitely one of the best websites in the market today to buy TikTok followers.


If you’re looking to upgrade the TikTok call hour service you use daily to the one that will be providing better value for money quality products and cheaper prices then you should definitely check out talk upgrade. You can use this platform to buy TikTok followers that are real and active by visiting this website and using the fully automated and fully managed service.

If you’re wondering how this platform helps you specifically they do that by finding the perfect perspective followers by targeting by usernames location and hashtags they do that to attract people who are actually interested in the TikTok content.

Next, they try to carry out engagement campaigns with your audiences and with  world by likiking posts of people who follow profile similar to yours on your behalf.

Now all you need to do from your side is to post quality content consistently because the key is not just in buying followers or doing any other promotions but in creating unique content that interests audiences.

The platform a subscription-based service which is priced similarly to the other platform but if the other platform would just buy the products for you and send them on your behalf a day, on the other hand, do the various other social media techniques to help you grow like follow and follow, hashtag targeting, user targeting and making sure that essential targeting features are turned on and fixed and prepped for growth.


Mediamister is a social media eCommerce platform that helps you grow your presence on social networks like TikTok. They are proud to offer a comprehensive range of social media enhancement services for all purposes.

The platform is widely popular with followers on Instagram, on TikTok and on Youtube. So if you’re looking to buy TikTok followers this is the platform that you can definitely buy one.

The platform offers One of kind experience and expertise due to their team at the company that brings the kids of combined experience to every project they work with today they have supported more than 50,000 customers from all over the world with the dynamic range of authentic social signals for the world’s most competitive platforms.

They also have a personal touch which means that every service that you should receive from the platform is performed 100% manually.

The 100% manually means that every order is checked totally and sent only the most authentic products without parts no automation or spammy followers or anything of that sort.

The platform is also very popular for its great customer support which can be received through the online chat that’s available 24/7 or through their email or a phone number that’s present on the website.

Overall this is definitely one of the best websites in the market today to buy active TikTok followers the ones that will not only come to your profile but receive the remainder perpetually.


Another platform for us to discuss is theTikfreefollowers. This website offers free and paid followers for both TikTok and other platforms. They provide followers which are real and who themselves have following on the platform.

Plus those followers out of high quality making the TikTok algorithm believe what you bought isn’t really bought but earned through your content.

The platform also has been providing a great service and been very successful what is that with that.

Although the platform doesn’t disclose the people who use their services they can reveal the users who gave them such permissions. And among those who gave them permission to reveal are some of the influencers and people we all know about.

That comes without a surprise since many people today buy TikTok followers and use that as means of growing all the platform even if we are knowledge of them doing so.

The platform also has a fast delivery refund guarantee that is if you buy certain number of followers and you don’t receive all of them then your eligible to claim the refund only after the first month because within the first month you’re eligible to do something else which is ask for a refill.

The refill help us the clients to make sure that they receive each and every product in case if something falls out.

To wrap up

These are the best websites to buy active TikTok followers in 2022. The websites have been chosen for their excellence in showing services and providing high quality followers that are as real as it possibly could get.

These are the platforms with some of the best reviews and the cheapest prices and all around great businesses to buy TikTok followers from. If you’re looking to buy TikTok followers and hoping to have active followers then this is definitely the peace you should read to find the best sites to do that with.

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