Top 10 reasons why you should study MBBS in the Philippines.


The Philippines, a Southeast Asian country, is considered one of the best places to study MBBS for several reasons. Not only are the medical standards of the country very high, but the place is a complete mixed bag of culture, art, and great food. Here are a few more reasons why you should Study MBBS in the Philippines.

The overall Investment.

A big factor why you should complete your MBBS in the Philippines is that it is very affordable compared to other places with similar standards. The accommodations and cost of living are not too high, and the average tuition fees for the complete course of six years in the topmost institutes of the country is not more than 20000 USD.

Safety for Students.

The Philippines is one of the most welcoming countries out there. Because it is majorly a female-dominated society where the total workforce consists of about sixty percent women, it is safe for boys and girls alike. Plus, whoever comes to the Philippines can experience the true warmth of their accepting and tolerant culture.

Highest Literacy Rate in Asia.

You would be shocked to know that the Philippines can proudly boast about having the highest literacy rate in a continent as huge as Asia. Its literacy rate is Ninety-Four percent, which makes it ideal for people to come and study here. Moreover, due to the majority of the population being educated, it becomes even safer for students to come here.

Hub for medical science.

The Philippines is recognized worldwide as the center of medicinal studies. The Philippines follows a similar education system in medical science as in the US and has several top private medical colleges. The medical standards and colleges of the country are recognized by WHO itself and attract students from over fifty countries.

Religious Beliefs.

Although most of the population is Christian, they are a mix of different cultures and are very accepting towards people of other religions. Therefore, it is a very welcoming and friendly country in terms of religion.

US-based system.

Because they follow a similar education system as in the USA, the PBL curriculum, students who appear for the USMLE can easily go to the Philippines for their MBBS degree.

The Food.

The food of the country itself is enough to make it worth visiting. From Asian to European, you will find all types of cuisines here and at affordable prices.

The Transportation.

The country has three international airports, easy-to-navigate public transport facilities like buses and taxis, and the metro system. As a result, it is both easy and cheap to move around in the country.

The Weather.

The Philippines is a Tropical country, and therefore its weather does not go above 34 degrees and does not fall below 25 at any given time of the year. Therefore, it is easier to get adjusted to this climate for students from abroad.

Employment opportunities.

The simplest reason you should get your MBBS degree from the Philippines is that it provides more opportunities for employment in other countries because of its high standards of graduation in the medical field.

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