Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in College Essay Writing


Studying in college demands high attention and responsibility. Every student wants to succeed in the studying process and write excellent essays on any subject. But, if you are looking for ultimate advice on how to write a great essay, we have bad news for you! There are no universal tips on prominent essay writing because every task is unique. Still, you don’t give up and want to find at least something to calm down, yeah? When you decide to buy an essay online, you will get reliable samples to use for the class. And this is one of the most winning tactics to achieve long-term goals. In our article, we represented ten things you shouldn’t do while writing your essay to be precise and consistent during the process. 

1. Start writing instantly.

This common mistake is often made by newcomers who are not engaged enough in studying material. Avoid writing anything on your topic without a deep understanding of theory. Instead, try to provide efficient research. Indeed, it demands enough time and patience to collect and analyze information. Therefore, please move to the next point and follow it as much as possible. 

2. Don’t plan your time.

When your writing process doesn’t integrate with your schedule, you have a big chance to break the deadline. To fix this mistake in your essay writing process, try to make up points in advance. For instance, you know that the research process takes two or three hours, then you organize the data for an hour, and the next step is two hours of writing the first draft. In this case, you’d rather finish your essay in time and even have extra hours for editing and polishing your content to perfection. 

3. Keep all your ideas in mind.

Every essay should have a structure, and this skeleton is the first you need to create in your imagination. Indeed, you can forget it, so the best thing not to lose the idea is to note it. Always write down all thoughts concerning a certain topic to understand what is clear for you and what parts you need to reveal. Prepare all your viewpoints and describe them in a few topic sentences to compare later and analyze which sounds best for your essay.

4. Don’t use extra sources.

Relying on your own viewpoint only can make your essay lack a scholarly approach. If you want to deliver your opinion through academically proven materials, you should provide effective research. Read recommended literature or find relevant articles, documents, or videos to cite and include in your essay. Remember that you need to mention each used source in your essay, so don’t forget to note down every source you’ve collected information from. 

5. Copy someone’s viewpoint.

If an essay’s topic is too challenging for you, there is no need to borrow other thoughts. On the contrary, try to ask your tutor for help and see what they can recommend to you. On the one hand, you can follow the guidance and see whether you really lack knowledge of this subject or it is your illusion. On the other hand, if you manage this issue independently, you can write down the table to compare what you know or don’t know to Google it alone. 

6. Omit to format.

When you have enough in-text citations to support your statement, you need to use the proper formatting style. Ask your tutor what academic citation type you should use and follow these rules. Luckily, every student can use a citation generator tool online to save time and avoid simple mistakes. Consequently, make your essay look clear with proper formatting. Keep in mind that formatting means logically organized information as well. So, don’t step back from introduction-body paragraph- conclusion construction to make your project built consequently.

7. Don’t show your work to anyone.

Keep an essay out of someone’s eyes can play a bad joke to you. When your first draft is ready and written based on crucial academic rules, let your peer give you honest feedback. Maybe you see where you have a lack information and need more research. Also, it could be overwhelmed with excessive details that you should consider cutting. 

8. Forget to check grammar.

Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling issues are one of the most common reasons to lower the mark on your essay. Don’t give a chance to your tutor to ruin your plans this semester. Simply check your text to correct issues and make it look clear and understandable. Grammarly, Hemingway, and Ginger apps are great online tools that can help you with it.visit here mis webmail

9. Include not relevant information.

Some students add anything to their projects to get rid of the task of essay writing. Avoid these tactics and be specific with your topic. For instance, if it is hard to find updated details of evidence to your work, try to find other scholars’ research. And the recent they are, the better. Who knows, maybe you are a pioneer in your studying field. Therefore, don’t tell lousy facts to your audience because you can be engaging for them!

10. Afterall: don’t write your essay.

Anyway, every essay is a step to better writing skills. Therefore, if you want to improve your ability to analyze information and deliver it through a personal perspective to your reader, practice is the best answer. It doesn’t matter whether you write an essay on physics, medicine, psychology, or literature, you can always enhance your creativity on any subject by writing your thought down, even for the marks.

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