Top 10 eLearning educational program and its benefits


Technology is our new partner that got us several benefits. Ultimate literacy is one of such blessings that we got from technology right now. Getting an education and learning new things are two different things. Even if a person is not able to get a certified education or enrol in a degree program, learning is not an issue for him or her. Using e-learning platforms, one can learn everything. The scholars at Research Prospect believe that such e-learning educational programs and platforms are revolutionary for people in general.

The leading e-learning programs

Focusing on the need of time, many universities and educational institutes are coming up with the e-learning sessions for students. These are great and letting them be part of other students. However, these sessions are for non-resident university students. When a person is not able to fetch a university, there are certain e-learning programs available to help in getting new skills and knowledge. Here we are discussing the top ten of such programs.


At the top of the list, you have Udemy that is known for its exception. With 20,000+courses and more than 12million students in subscription, it is ruling the e-learning platforms. All the resources for courses available in PDF, DOC, PPT, and video format as well. The Udemy team look after all published courses and ensures the best quality for students by instructors. All courses get approval first before going live.


The easy to use and accessible platform that makes it easy for you to sign up for any source, navigate through its contents and get more information on it. It is helpful for ends, students and mentors.


The platform has some specific tools for the content designing, establishment and publication. It lets mentors come up with more sorted information and data and lets students have a better learning experience.


With 3 million students and 7500 instructors, the platform is offering you 20000 courses at a time. It seems to be a database of e-learning and access different programs.


A well-established platform that is favourite among instructors and students as well. It is not only great for selling the courses but to learn them. One can learn a course here and then sell it as well.


The platform offers several techs related and IT-based programs. Other than tech, it is coming up with many other courses to help students in making their skills and knowledge advanced. You can always find here the best mentors helping you with all complications.

Learn Worlds

The platform is famous for effective learning content and interactive social platform. Other than sorted programs, it comes up with many other tools that let students and mentors interact and all students to interact together. Moreover, the live lectures enabled here are an additional perk to enjoy.


Another reliable e-learning platform with more than 35000 content creators welcomes students and aspirants from multiple fields. It is favourable for mentors to offer courses and students to learn different skills.


Skillshare offers almost all the courses related to education, tech, fashion and lifestyle as well. The mentors are welcome to be part of Skillshare’s Partner Program. There are dual-mode lessons available in a course, one is the video, and the other is the class project. Students can have reading material, video lectures and then come up with class projects for evaluation.


The platform welcomes students to be a part of the team and learn everything new that makes them better. With the help of available infrastructure, students can create their learning space on the portal with teachers and friends.

Topmost benefits

Many people complain about the threats and disadvantages of technology and digitalization. We cannot turn everything online. However, it is possible to get benefit from some certain facilities as well. The benefits of e-learning are quite evident, and we can measure them if we are concerned to measure the success and literacy rates.

Saving money and time

For a conventional education setup, one needs to have a place, gathering up facilities like classrooms, air conditioner, fixture, furniture, caretakers and then teaching staff. Students will not only be paying the tuition fee but the cost of all the expenses on arrangements. Moreover, everyone has to drive, walk, or ride towards school, college and university. All this involves many expenses and makes everything hectic for people. Instead, an online course is as simple as logging in to any social media. By staying at their place, instructor and students can interact via screen and share knowledge. It saves their time, energy and money. Therefore, the courses are less expensive and reachable.

Personalized learning

E-learning is different from the conventional system where students have to be in a place at a time to attend lectures. They can access their lecture anytime according to their preferences and get the course done. All lectures and modules are prerecorded and available for a lifetime. A student can complete the course within a specific time or even earlier than that easily.

Long-term retention

Mostly in classes, students are unable to retain the information because they cannot recall. The teachers are available for a limited time. However, with e-learning, students can retain information anytime. They can access the module and study if there is any confusion. Moreover, to sort out any issue, they have access to a mentor. By asking questions, they can get answers or an explanation.

Consistent and interesting

In the online modules and programs, students do not have distractions. They can sit back and complete the course at the time they want. Moreover, they take interest in learning all the new things by themselves. There is no compulsion on them to be in class for a time. They have access to sessions and lecture, and they can attend them anytime, anywhere they want to. They will be coming as per their interest and intention so, learning outcomes will reflect accordingly.

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