Tips to take Tik Tok photography


TikTok is a social media app that allows you to easily take photos or videos by adding different filters and effects. It’s also known as “the best social media platform for young people”. Many people use tiktok to communicate with their friends and family, while others use it purely for entertainment purposes.

The app has many features including automatic captions, music playback, and recommended content based on the location you are in. Unlike traditional apps like Facebook or Instagram, TikTok gives you more control over your privacy settings so that no one can see your personal information without your permission.

Tips to take Tik Tok photography

1. Take photos using a tripod

To take better pictures, you need to have better pictures. Even if you can hold the camera still without a tripod, people will be more interested in your picture if it looks more professional. With a tripod, you can take the perfect picture every time.

2. Use your phone’s timer feature

How to use: Open the Camera app on your device and tap on “Timer”. This is also one of the best ways to reduce camera shake when taking a photo with a long exposure time like sunset scenery for example. By leaving your camera alone for about ten seconds after pressing the shutter button, you’ll get nice blur effects in the background of your photo.

3. Use the flash when necessary

You need to know that the flash might not be very useful, especially when there’s already a lot of light. The best way to use the flash is placing it right in front of you and pointing it at your camera. This will throw more shadows into your pictures, which can be a good thing. The shadows will create depth and interest in your photos.

4. Take candid shots of your friends

What makes a picture cute and memorable is capturing unexpected moments between people who love each other or are friends. For this type of photography, it’s best to take photos when the subjects are doing something they don’t usually do. For example, if your friends are playing a board game together and you want to take a photo of them, be sure not to draw attention by using camera flash. Instead, use natural light or even ask one of your friends to move so your camera can get an interesting angle.

5. Experiment with different filters

If you’re bored with how the same old pictures look like, consider experimenting with other effects on your photos. There are so many effects to choose from, you might even want to consider making your own pictures.

6. Use full screen mode for video recording

If you’re shooting a video with your phone, don’t just press the bottom of the screen to start and stop recording. Instead, go to settings and make sure to switch on the toggle that turns on full-screen mode. This will allow you to record short clips by pressing the edges of your device instead of having it buried under your finger while trying to take a video. This will also leave room for more content in a 4:3 frame so that you can do slow pans during post-production.

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