Tips To Remove Stubborn Tree Stump From Your Yard


You may have a tree in your property that has to be removed. Sometimes, simply cutting it yourself may not be enough; you may have to deal with removal of the stump. Here’s an article on the how’s and why’s of tree stump removal.

Cutting down trees may sound simple as wielding an ax and swinging it around the trunk, but not when it comes to having to remove the stump. Tree stump removal would require tons of work and most of the time, it may not be included in the tree removal cost; it would often be treated as a separate service. 

While there are people who wouldn’t mind having tree stumps in their yards, especially if it’s a residential property. It’s different when the stump is in a commercial property, or if you’re a homeowner who takes the look and safety of your home’s yard seriously. It’s especially awkward when you are located in an urban area. 

To the inexperienced DIY-er, removal of the tree stump would seem impossible and he or she would be tempted to come up with some use of it. To a professional, especially a reliable outdoor premier property maintenance in your area, the task is doable. With the right methods and techniques as well as equipment, the job can be completed quickly that it won’t disturb your own usual daily activities. 

Why Should You Have The Tree Stump Removed?

There are a lot of reasons, each may be different from one property to the other. But here are some common reasons:

1. Tree Stumps Take Up Space.

Space is everything when it comes to properties and that stump is standing on a space that you could have used for a lot of things.

2. Tree Stumps Look Out Of Place.

Simply put, they could look ugly, especially in an area where the grasses and shrubs are well-trimmed. It would be a shame having all that work put to waste just because of one eyesore, especially with weeds growing on them.

3. Tree Stumps Can Cause Accidents.

While there are stumps that you can easily see and therefore can avoid tripping over, there are those that could be covered by growing plants. You could be hitting your toe on that stump or worse, the children playing on your yard could end up falling over that stump.

What To Do?

The best way to handle this kind of problem is to call a professional from tree removal company omaha, especially when you’re someone who’s not used to heavy tasks. Letting a professional handle this kind of job will always be a good idea. You can be assured that the task would be done quickly and would leave you a safer yard. As safety should always be the priority, hiring someone capable of taking out these stumps would be worth the money. Finding the right specialist for the job is easy, all you have to do is search on Google for companies that offer such service, by typing “stump removal near me” on the search bar.

Not all tree stumps are equal; some are easily removed, while others would require some type of technique and special equipment. By assessing what tree stump you would be dealing with would help you decide on whether you would need professional help or do the removal task yourself. Certain types of trees make it difficult for someone with no experience in stump removal. Aside from the type, the age and size of the tree would also matter. You also have to consider the number of tree stumps that have to be removed. 

Proper Disposal

Before we proceed with the methods you can expect to use for stump removal, you have to think about how the stumps would be disposed as well. It’s a step that you shouldn’t be ignoring. In fact, before any stump removal task starts, you should have already planned and scheduled the disposal task. While some would think you could just throw it anywhere as it’s biodegradable, that isn’t actually the case, especially when it’s a large tree stump. 

As for having the city pick it up, you would have to first contact the city and ask if they would pick it up like the rest of your usual trash. If not, don’t forget to ask for instructions or options. If there are recycling centers in your area, that’s one option you could consider. However, you may have more than one tree stump, and large ones at that, so you may have to hire a wood chipper so you could instead use the chips in other projects. The Woodbridge Pallet is one you can take inspiration from, especially when their products are some of the most in demand among DIY-ers.

While it’s not advisable, your area may allow you to burn the stumps, but you would have to cover them with scrap wood. This option may not work well with large stumps, as it would take a long time for those to burn completely. There are also some services that can haul the stumps away for you for a certain amount of fee, you can ask around about them.

Ways Of Removing Tree Stumps

After successfully chopping down a tree, it’s time to deal with the stubborn and unsightly stump. Here are four ways of how to successfully get rid of a stump:

1. Burning

This doesn’t mean you just have to pour some kerosene on the stump and light it up with either a match or a lighter. There’s still a bit of work you must do. You have to drill a hole into the stump’s center. Make it around 8-10 inches deep, and then clean the debris. Add more holes, leaving an inch between each, and put potassium nitrate into all of them. Hot water must be poured into the holes until the potassium nitrate is dissolved. On top of the stump, put scrap wood, before lighting it up. Wait for the stump to ignite, and using a shovel, break up any large pieces that are left over. 

2. Removing By Hand

This method is better used on a small stump or an older tree. If there are lower branches, use a chainsaw to remove them, and then work on the removal of the top part of the stump. Take care not to remove everything, though, as you would have to leave some as leverage. With a pick mattock, shovel and digging bar, dig until the roots around the tree stump are revealed, and rinse away the dirt to reveal more of those roots. With an ax, cut those major or big roots away and try to push the trunk to expose more roots, which you would then cut using an ax. Push and pull the trunk until you get to completely uproot the trunk. If the stump remains in place, you can get a chain and wrap it around the trunk and connecting it to a four-wheel-drive pickup truck. Drive the truck forward so as to slowly pull forward the stump or reversing to wiggle the trunk until completely uprooted.

3. Rotting

You can drill holes into the stump, from 8-10 inches deep. It’s almost the same process as removing a tree stump through burning, except that you would be using high-nitrogen substance to fill the holes with. Pour water into the holes and as the stump softens, start chipping off pieces. The Local Tree Experts helps you to cut the tress without any hassle. 

4. Opting For Chemical Use

Cut off as much of the tree stump as you can by using a chainsaw. Then around the stump’s perimeter, drill holes about 1 inch deep . Move the drilling inward by about 3-4 inches, and drill more holes – ideally between 8-12 inches deep, depending on the size of the stump. More holes must be created around the sides until they meet with the other holes; you should be able to end up with 45-degree angles. Pour potassium nitrate into the holes, then fill the holes with water. You will have to wait between four and six weeks, when the stump get spongy, before you get an ax and break up the stump. You have the option to saturate the stump using kerosene or fuel oil and letting it sit for another week or more. You can also burn the stump until it’s gone completely. You have to know about Riverside arborists for removing tree stumps

Usable Space

After the successful removal and disposal of the stump, you’d be rewarded with bigger space and lots of options for your yard. Don’t forget to have the hole filled with soil, however, and start planting some grass or any other plant on it. Whatever you decide to do with the available space, you sure would be thankful you got that unnecessary stump removed and that you’ve let a professional do it for you. You get to have a fresh and cleaner look of your yard!

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