Tips to Manage Wearing an Adult Diaper in Public


A majority of adults experiencing incontinence feel reluctant to wear a diaper. But they cannot deny the fact that using them impacts their life positively. By choosing to wear such diapers, you can enjoy your life like a normal person without fearing any public embarrassment.

It is really possible to wear an adult diaper in public without anyone knowing about it. All you need is to select a good quality diaper, like the Friends easy diaper that ensures triple protection against odor, moisture, and leak.

It thus ensures that you can go about your day not worrying about any leakage issues. Here are some ways to easily wear a diaper in public.

Buy a Diaper that Suits Your Incontinence Levels

When you are in a public place, it’s essential to wear the diaper discreetly. For it, you need to pick a product that’s appropriate for your incontinence levels and has the right fit.

At present, there are various categories of diapers that suit low, middle, and high incontinence levels. A diaper that’s made of a highly absorbent fabric will allow you to stay dry and minimize any chances of leakage that results in embarrassment.

Additionally, pay attention to how the diaper fits you. A very large one is tough to conceal in public. A small diaper can increase the likelihood of leakage. So, identify the appropriate size that suits you.

Pick an Appropriate Outfit

When wearing incontinence protection, you need to make slight modifications to your wardrobe. Today, many diapers are discrete and thin. So, you need to wear clothes that hide them entirely.

When going out, choose loose-fitting garments. If you are fond of wearing pants, wear those that allow enough space in the crotch area for your briefs. Steer away from tight-fitting clothes.

If you like to wear skirts or trousers, choose those that don’t sag as the ones that could reveal the diaper you are wearing.

Wear the Diaper Correctly

When you are suffering from incontinence, you need to know the right way to wear your diapers. It will allow you to wear it with minimal hassle anywhere without being concerned about whether it will fit correctly. When you know the correct method, you will also minimize the chances of leaks.

Follow these steps:

  • Fold the diaper lengthways. The back sheet should face outward.
  • Set your diaper with a small middle area running between the legs and the ends protruding.
  • Adjust your diaper in a way that feels comfortable. For it, move the back and front ends before you take up the sides.
  • After that, adjust its edges around the legs. Ensure that there remain no loose parts of the diaper. These parts hang out of the clothing if you don’t adjust them.

Practice How to Wear Diapers as Much as You Can

It’s certainly not an easy task for adults to begin wearing diapers in a public setting. The fear of embarrassment haunts them whenever they think about it. But you can alleviate all your worries by practicing wearing them at home.

Purchase quality diapers and practice wearing them with different clothing items. It’ll give you the confidence you desire to wear them out in public.

When you know the right way of wearing a diaper, you will also significantly reduce the likelihood of causing yourself embarrassment. It’s essential to choose a high-quality incontinence product to avoid undesirable situations in public.

Buy diapers from a good brand, for instance, the Friends easy diaper that provides eight hours of protection against urine leakage. It comes taped with an anti-bacterial absorbent gel core that rapidly locks away the fluid. Thus, you can rest assured of wearing them effortlessly in a public place.

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