Tips to Maintain Your Caravan or Camper Trailer


Your camper trailer is a fantastic investment for yourself and your fellow campers, and with the right care it is going to last you for countless years to come! This durability does, however, depend on the level of aftercare and general maintenance that you are willing to dedicate to your camper trailer. Here are a few tips for meticulous camper trailer maintenance. These will ensure that your trailer sticks with you through all of your adventures, big and small!

Keeping Things Spick and Span

First thing’s first, the maintenance basics. Keeping your camper trailer clean is integral to ensuring that it’s always in the best shape possible. No one wants to camp out in a dusty trailer caked in dirt and grime from who knows where! Take the time to give your trailer a deep clean pre and post camping trip, and jump in there every now and then to give it a quick going over even if you aren’t planning on heading to the campground any time soon. Keeping your camper trailer clean is one of the simplest and most effective means of maintaining it, so grab the duster, grab the cleaning solvent, it’s time to start making things spick and span!

Park Appropriately Both at Home and at the Campground 

Appropriate parking is key to maintaining your caravan or camper trailer. When you’re out and about at the campground, this means finding a nice even patch of land to park on. Flat ground will ensure that everything is sitting nicely and running smoothly. When your trailer is staying home, you should find a spot to store it that’s under cover, out of direct weather and relatively even. Considering factors dometic caravan fridges such as parking really ensures that your camper trailer is as well cared for as it possibly can be. 


You’re familiar with getting your car serviced? That’s right, you’ll want to do that for your camper trailer every now and then, too! Regular services are key to making sure that your vehicle stays smooth running and fully capable way into the future. Speak to your camping community to get some great insights into local service providers, this will usually lead you to the best camper trailer and care provider possible, or websites about camper trailer like Cub Campers.

Checking the Particulars and Finer Details 

This goes for how you observe and maintain your camper trailer when you have it, and when you’re shopping for one. Now, of course, if you already have your camper then this one isn’t for you but if you’re still shopping around then you still have time to get down to the particulars. Comb through the interior of your model of choice down to the last bolt to ensure that you are buying a trailer that’s as well made and maintainable as it can be. 

Checking Cables 

This is a big one. You’ll need to keep an attentive eye on the condition of your cables inside of that camper of yours. Cables can really impact the overall performance of your camper trailer, plus they really contribute to the overarching safety standards of both the interior and exterior of the trailer. Always check the cables, when you’re cleaning, when you’re camping, when you’re chilling. 

Switching off Appliances 

Lastly, make sure that you are thoroughly winding down the entire camper trailer when you’ve parked up and packed up for the season. Switching off every appliance when not in use will save on fuel, environmental impact and the potential depletion of your trailer now and far into the future. 

Follow these tips to ensure that your camper trailer is as well cared for and durable as possible!

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