Tips For Your First Meet


1. Arrange The First Date Sooner Rather Than Later

Deciding when to ask your first date out can be tricky. Doing it too soon may scare them away. If you have been chatting online regularly with them for at least a couple of weeks, you can ask them out sooner than later. A recent study at the University of Florida revealed that you should ask the first date out before 23 days of your initial interaction. That’s because the longer it takes, the more fantasies you will create about how your first date would be like, and it might be hard to live up to these expectations in real life.

2. Plan Ahead And Stay Safe

Your safety is important when planning your first date. If anything sets off your instincts before heading out on the date, you should stay safe and decline the invitation. If you decide to accept the invitation for the first date, arrange to meet in a public place and inform a close friend of all the details about the date. If you are apprehensive about the invitation, you can ask the friend to keep company with you at least for the first couple of hours on the date. You should always trust your instincts, and if you feel that something isn’t right, excuse yourself and leave immediately.

3. Dress Appropriately

Clothes speak volumes of who you really are. Hence, what you choose to wear on the first datematters a lot. Chiara Atik – a dating expert and blogger for Stylecaster – in her article on what to wear on a first date states that clothing is a strong factor that helps determine if you are suited to each other. Your outfit should represent your true personality if you want your first date to see it. But labels and fashion trends are not important as long as you are feeling comfortable in your outfit. For example, you should not try to wear high heels on the first date if you usually don’t wear them.

4. Avoid Inappropriate Conversation Topics

Even though you should not change your personality just to please your date, there are some conversation topics to avoid on your first date. In an EliteSingles survey, over 73% of the members stated that mentioning other dates that you have lined up isn’t the wisest thing to do on a first date. Likewise, 55% stated that you should avoid bragging about yourself, and 44% stated that you should avoid talking about ex-partners on your first date.

5. Don’t Change Your Personality For Someone Else

Salama Marine – EliteSingles psychologist – states that when a person wants to impress the date, he or she will try everything in their power to look perfect. They will say yes to everything with any disagreement. But you should always maintain your own personality. It is the most important thing that you can do on your first date. Never forget yourself and your opinions because it is the best way to seduce your date.

6. Keep It Simple

Planning an activity that you both enjoy isn’t easy on your first date. The key to enjoying your first date is to keep it simple. You should get to know each other better at your first meeting. Hence, you should always choose an activity where you will get the chance to chat. Going to the cinema isn’t the best start to your first date. Instead, choose to meet for a coffee or drinks so that you can chat properly. A recent survey of our UK members showed that over 82% prefer to go on a casual date than an elegant dinner. Read our escort blogs for more insights into dating.

7. Allow Your Body To Speak

Although establishing a mental connection through your conversation is important on a first date, body language also plays a big part in the attraction process. Studies have shown that the degree of self-confidence of the individual correlates strongly with being perceived as attractive and having success on the first date. Most people may feel shy and reserved when they first meet, and it is fully understandable. But it can also be interpreted as a lack of enthusiasm for the date. Amy Cuddy – a social psychologist – in her TED Talk, advises standing tall and open on the first date. Such a power stance can increase your cortisol and testosterone to boost your self-confidence and calm the nerves.

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