Tips For Starting Out As An Event Photographer


Documenting someone’s special event is an important role which requires professionalism and plenty of skill. Being an event photographer doesn’t come easy and can certainly throw up several challenges, so entering this new world can be particularly daunting for first time freelance photographers. If you fancy trying event photography and want some tips as to how to get started, ClickASnap have offered some of these handy tips.

Ask to Shadow a Fellow Event Photographer

As a first timer it may be a good idea to get some experience before venturing into this new journey alone. Asking to shadow an experienced event photographer will provide you some great work experience. This will give you the chance to see the process from start to finish whilst not being responsible for the outcome of the photos.

Get to know your client and their event plan

One thing to remember is that your client should be in control of how these images turn out. The event planner or host of the event will have a vision band photographer for how they want their images to look. Therefore, it is very important you sit down with the client before the event to discuss an exact plan for photographing the event. For special events like weddings and birthdays, this is particularly important as the outcome of the images is very important to the client(s).

Be Approachable

Whenever you are working as a freelance photographer it is vital that you are an approachable and friendly person. Not only should you spend your time snapping pictures at your client’s event but you should also interact with the guests in order to capture the very best moments. Being approachable also means guests won’t feel hesitant asking for pictures or requesting to be left out of group shots.

Make Sure You Have Complete Equipment

In starting as an event photographer, it’s important that you’re equipped with all the needed equipment such as cameras, lenses, lighting, etc. You can buy these if you have enough budget or you can rent some tools from a Grip and Electric Brooklyn company based on your needs.

Create a professional portfolio to reach new clients

When starting out as an event photographer a professional portfolio will play an important role in helping you reach new clients. This portfolio should showcase some of your best work, demonstrating your ability as a photographer, whether you have shot events in the past or not. It’s always a good idea to include a variety of images to show you clients an array of the types and styles of photos you are capable of capturing.

One great way to build a portfolio whilst also gaining some attention online is to share your photos to an online photo sharing site. Here you can create a profile where you can upload some of your best photos, and potentially earn some money from views and downloads!

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