Tips For Starting a Blog


A blog is a website with content related to a specific topic or any general topic. People usually confuse a blog with a website. A blog is indeed a website, but it is different in few aspects. A website is not updated frequently, but a blog is updated periodically by adding more content and articles to keep the traffic coming.

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A blog is a platform to share your knowledge with the world. Creating a blog is easy but maintaining it with the traffic inflow is the main test of muscles and brains. There are millions, if not millions of millions, of blogs on the internet today covering almost all the possible topics a person could think of right now.

A blog is a recipe for those who have a passion for writing. In a blog, the articles posted are known as “Blog Posts.” Blog posts are shown in a blog in chronological order, with the latest one on the top.

Most of the blogs are free. However, authors may also demand payment for some paid blogs. Blogs created on free platforms are a good tool for creating a diary or habit of writing. But if you have to earn from blogs, you have to go for the paid platforms to gain an audience.

Starting a blog will take no more than 20 minutes on average. Similarly, setting up a general blog is very easy. The main work is then managing the blog afterward with the quality content, layout of the blog, and traffic influx. Today, let’s explore a detailed step-by-step guide to get started writing a blog.

Selecting A Niche for Your Blog

The most crucial and important step in writing a blog is to select the niche for the blog. Niche is a term that describes the area of specialty or expertise. You have to select first what your blog will be about right now. There are very few niches starting from healthcare to technological blogs. You can choose the niche depending upon your interest in the topic. Keeping your blogger achievements history will help you determine the plan for a business and develop your curriculum vitae.

Once you select the niche, it will be easier for you to work since now you will have a direction. Niche sets the directions of the compass of a blog. For instance, if you like guns, you can start a blog about upper receivers without any issues.

Domain Name/Blog Name

Moving on to the next step is choosing a domain name or blog name of the blog. The domain name is usually purchased from the blog hosting platform. The most famous blog hosting platform is “BlueHost”. The domain name is the name of the blog, and it is the first thing the audience will see. Therefore, it is advised to select the domain name wisely and with utmost care. Bluehost offers free domain name for an entire year.

The domain name will represent your blog, and it is the identification card of your blog. You need to remember that the domain name must be in alignment with your niche to have a combined impact. An example of this is In this, ‘’make-a-wish’’ is the domain name.

Keep in mind that BlueHost will not allow the duplication of an existing domain name, so your domain name must be unique from others. BlueHost will automatically show if your domain name is available or already taken.

Hosting Platform

The most elemental step in the process of getting started with writing a blog is the ”Hosting Platform”. There are numerous hosting platforms available since the number of blogs is in millions, but BlueHost is the undisputed champion in hosting the blogs.

The hosting platform decides the audience of your blog. With the selection of hosting platforms, you are actually selecting the audience for your blog. Henceforth, always go for the best hosting platform, i.e., BlueHost.

BlueHost has different payment plans for the domain name and web hosting. It offers various plans, ranging from a year to three years. It has three plans which are all different in price and specifications.

Blog Editing and Publishing Tool

This is your workspace or command post in the process of getting started to write a blog. A blog must have the latest and up-to-date blog editing and publishing tool. The blog editing tool helps in the modification of not just the content but also the layout.

There are hundreds of themes and customized themes available for the blog. You can select the theme of your blog as per your niche. Publishing a blog means that after writing and editing it on the tool, we publish it on the internet through the purchased hosting platform.

Let me rephrase the process shortly. Content is created and edited on a blog editing and publishing tool, and afterward, it is posted on the blog through the hosting platform. This sums up the hierarchy of the blog.

Likewise, hosting platforms, blog editing, and publishing tools are also in great numbers. But the top of the crown is “Word Press”. Word Press is a paid tool for blogs, and it encompasses almost 80% of blogs present over the internet. It has the edge over other tools because of detailed editing and a long list of customized themes.

Once you sign up with BlueHost, it will redirect you to WordPress, and you can start right over by writing your first blog and editing it as you may wish.

Promoting a Blog

Last but not least, promoting a blog is the way to generate traffic inflow. In the end, a blog needs traffic to be successful regardless of the amount of content it features. A successful blog has consistent traffic with an upward graph.

To promote a blog, the first step to do is to engage with the audience. You can engage with the audience by having a comments section at the end of every post so that anyone can give feedback. Take the tip, always respond to the comments to increase your promptness.

The second thing to do in blog promotion is to create social media pages with the same name and post the content over there too. This will significantly increase blog traffic. Use social media as an amazing advertisement tool, and you can leave your blog URL in the comment section of already highly successful blogs to attract the audience.

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