Tips For Negotiating Car Accident Settlement With The Insurance Company!


After an accident, if you plan to get legal help from a car accident lawyer, probably at some point, there will be the time to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company. The defensive’s lawyer and an insurance company will take every possible step to pay and settle the claim with as little amount as possible, even though you are severely injured. 

Tips for negotiating injury settlement with the insurance company:

  • Do not be in a hurry

The insurance adjusters will immediately offer you a low amount to settle right after the injury. It is advisable to wait after an injury as there are injuries that might not be seen immediately and take several months to show up. To settle for a claim, you must not be in a hurry until you are sure and know what further holds for the recovery. 

  • Do not accept first offers. 

When the insurance company gives you the first offer, the amount may be lower than you deserve. To agree to a fair settlement requires a negotiation process. The insurance company knows that many people do not know the value of personal injury claims. Therefore, you should always consult a lawyer and seek advice from them before agreeing with the insurance adjuster. 

  • Emphasize emotional points

While negotiating, bring up all your strong points in your favor and tell them about the incident and who was at fault during the accident. Show them photographs of your injury or the smashed car. These emotional points will help you support the claim, strengthen it, and receive the compensation you deserve. 

  • Hire a lawyer early

Make sure to hire a good lawyer for the case who will negotiate with the insurance company as the insurance company may not take your case seriously without your lawyer. They will not make a fair settlement offer, thinking you do not know the legalities. Having a lawyer by your side can be helpful for you as they will keep track of all the things that need to be addressed. 

  • Have a good documentation 

You must have proper documentation of life impacts and the pain and suffering caused to you due to the injury. Having all the documentation in place will cause a substantial impact on the claim entitling you to considerable compensation. It is better to have a daily record of your injury. Moreover, if you miss your work due to injury, ask your doctor to provide you with all the prescriptions and reports to show to the insurance company.

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