Tips For Looking After Your Teeth And Gums


Taking good care of your teeth and gums is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and keep your body in its best state. A dentist is one of the most commonly visited medical professionals, and there are a lot of very easy ways to keep your dental health in check.

Not only is having nice teeth and gums something aesthetic, but it benefits your overall physical health in many different ways that you may not have realised.

Here are some of the best tips for looking after your teeth and gums:

Dental Checkups

Expert dentists recommend seeing a dentist around every six months for the most optimal dental health, although others are more relaxed; reccomending you see a dentist around every one to two years. The Dentists of SV Dental Centre agree that for children, seeing a dentist more often than adults is more advised – due to the growing nature of their teeth.

During checkups, dentists can thoroughly clean and examine your teeth, preventing dental issues before they were to even happen. Dentists like those at Blue Star Dental can also perform oral X-Rays, spotting problems on a more intense scale. 

Although there seems to be a large chunk of people who are hesitant and even afraid of going to a dentist, remember that dentists are highly trained and complications are very rare.

Quitting Smoking

First and foremost, smoking cigarettes will instantly cause bad breath, which already shows the harmful nature of tobacco. Cigarettes disrupt the normal functioning of the body’s immune system, making it hard for the healing of tissues to happen. Smoking is known to harm the lungs, but also the mouth. 

Not only that, the smoke from the cigarettes will discolour the teeth and lead to gum issues. Although it may be hard for some due to the highly addictive nature of nicotine, giving up the smokes is likely to see an improvement to your dental health.

Using Mouthwash

A lot of people have avoided the use of mouthwash due to the strong taste and burn that happens when you swirl it around your mouth. But today, there are a lot of mouthwashes that are easy to use, even for young children. Using mouthwash helps in a lot of ways: It reduces the amount of acid in the mouth, as well as cleaning areas that are harder to brush, and helps control the bacteria in your mouth.

Since mouthwash is often strong in taste, expect to have really fresh breath after using it.

Slow Down on Sugary Foods

It is well established now that sugar is not the best for your health. Sugary foods are often high in calories and low in nutritional content. This can make you see an increase in weight gain, and energy levels may plummet. 

But another thing to note is that sugary and acidic foods can damage the teeth and cause cavities. No, it is not the sugar itself that is the main culprit –  the sugar converting into acid is.

Fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper and so on are well documented to be bad for your health, as well as your teeth and it would be perfectly fine if you avoided them at all costs.


By quitting smoking, using mouthwash, having regular dental checkups and avoding sugary foods – you can expect to see your teeth and gums start to be in much better shape. 

Compared to medical things of other nature like mental health, muscular troubles, cardiovasuclar faults, etc. anything dental is usally easily preventable. Dentists are all too familiar with coming across patients that seem to of had just a general carelessness and neglect to their teeth.

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