Tips For Engaging Your Furniture Around Your Media Console


If you spend a long period in a living room with a fireplace, you may begin to wonder if there is a better way to arrange the furniture in order to make the most of it. The fireplace is usually the core of your room. You will be surprised that you can easily change the space with just a little redesign of the furniture. Therefore, if you are sitting at home and want to know if there is any way to improve the living room design of the fireplace.

In a living room with a fireplace and a television, how do you arrange the furniture?

When attempting to select the arrangement of a room, many people are often perplexed by the following question: how to organize the TV when there is a fireplace? Yes, you want to be able to snuggle up next to the fireplace, but you also want to be able to relax and watch TV properly. So, what are your options?

Place the television near the fireplace.

If for some reason you don’t want to install the TV on the fireplace, you can put it next to the fireplace on the same wall. This is easy when your range hood is angled on either side of the fireplace-perfect for placing a TV. The sofa or other furniture may then be placed immediately in front of the two devices, allowing you to utilize both at the same time. This is helpful when you need furniture placement in a long rectangular room with a fireplace. If it is wide enough, you can even put a coffee table or stool in the middle. Otherwise, the carpeted carpet may tie the device together.

With this design, your furniture will stay in front of the fireplace and help make it the focal point of the room. Please be careful not to hang decorations on the fire, as the walls may look too messy. Steerable brackets also contribute to this design because you can take them out later to better see them around the fireplace.

Place your TV in front of your fireplace.

There is a simple solution to place furniture around the fireplace and TV, although some people think this is controversial. This difficulty is simply solved by mounting the fireplace on the TV. In this way, you can make the most of both. The comfortable performance of his flames when watching TV. In addition, you will save space and the awkwardness of placing the TV in the corner, and the room will become more open.

The sofa may then be placed immediately in front of the fireplace and television. This is a useful fireplace for a small living room because you don’t need much furniture and you can make full use of the available wall space. You can also place the sofa and several armchairs at right angles to the fireplace. What are the disadvantages? Well, some people worry that heating may damage the TV if it hurts the neck and degrades the picture quality.

Your fireplace and television should form an ‘L’ shape.

If your room is not long enough, or if you don’t have the above-designed wall space to accommodate a TV Console and fireplace, it is best to use L-shaped furniture. Vertical wall-mounted TVs and fireplaces Depending on the shape or preference of your room, you can put the sofa in front of the fireplace or TV, or if you have space to create two seating areas, you can put both on the sofa.

In square rooms, this living room plan for fireplaces and TVs work nicely. If your room is large enough, you can leave extra space in the middle of the room, and you can fill it nicely with furniture such as coffee tables or plush. Hang a mirror or artwork over the fireplace if you want it to be the focal point of the room. In square rooms, this living room plan for fireplaces and TVs work nicely.

At the opposite ends of the room, there is a TV and a fireplace.

If you are lucky enough to have enough space, you can flexibly plan your living room for the fireplace and TV.

Separating the furniture from the wall so that it floats in the center of the room is a fantastic way to decorate a huge square room. With this arrangement, you can have two seating areas opposite the fireplace, each with a fireplace and a living room. TV boxes on both ends.

In this living room design with a fireplace, you can use upholstered furniture to become very versatile. You can have a few swivel chairs so you can watch TV or find a comfortable place to warm up on the sofa by the fireplace.

Additional Living Room Furnishing Ideas with a Fireplace and a TV

  • Avoid leaning the back of your sofa towards the window, since this can obstruct light and make your fireplace appear overly large.
  • Keep an eye on how far the fireplace is from the furnishings. You won’t feel the advantage of the heat if you sit too close; if you sit too close, it can be too unpleasant to sit there. At least 2-3 feet is a good minimum distance.
  • Avoid huge clunky furniture if you have a limited area; rounder items will soften the room and enable your fireplace to take center stage.
  • Placing seating places opposite each other produces a more communal environment; the golden guideline is to keep them no more than 8 feet apart, yet they shouldn’t be too near.
  • Even if you have a television, your fireplace should be the center focus of your room.

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