Tips For A Successful Marketing Flyer Campaign


Advertising changed a lot in the internet age. However, there are traditional ways that stand the test of time to attract the public and customers. One of them is the distribution of flyers, which incorporated new elements to become an effective alternative when it comes to publicizing a business.

There are five guidelines to executing a good flyer marketing strategy to impact audiences and generate profits. These keys are interesting because they present both classic and novel details.

Why Is Marketing So Important?

The predictable answer is that marketing helps you sell and get customers, which the goal of most businesses is (in theory). However, marketing is important in other ways as well. Take it as a way to save time. Marketing helps you deliver the right product to the right people. Rather than marketing yourself as if you’re trying to target blindfolded, with marketing you can target the people who will like what you sell, and you can compose the right messages so they know why to buy from you.

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5 Tips For Handing Out Flyers

Stand out from the rest: This idea applies to any type of business. The highlight should not be your area of ​​action, but a specific product or services that others do not offer. In this way you can show yourself differently and capture the attention of potential customers. You can highlight discounts, a promotional item, customer service or an innovative home delivery policy.

Be careful with the designs: If you deliver flyers that do not have much to do with your brand, you will lose the opportunity to retain potential buyers. The solution is to apply good branding (brand image construction) to offer flyers, but also creative brochures and catalogs aligned with your brand. In this way, your potential buyers will immediately associate your brand with the graphic material.

Know where to distribute: You must plan and organize where you are going to distribute the flyers and know where you will be most successful. For example, if you work with stationery, it is ideal that you distribute your flyers near schools, universities or office places. You can also apply segmentation and produce flyers for different audiences.

Weather, an important factor: While weather changes can hamper your campaign, the weather itself can be an ally. On the one hand, pay attention to the peak times in which the public of your interest has more access to your flyers. On the other hand, you must organize yourself in relation to the offers and the holidays and celebrations that will occur in the span of your campaign.

Draw your conclusions: It is not only important how to project the flyers and know where to distribute them, it is also essential to look at the results of the campaign. Knowing what hours, what type of audience and which the most receptive place was will give you important information on the way forward, to continue refining your marketing strategy with flyers.


With this simple guide, you can be successful in running a flyer campaign, but don’t forget about other marketing strategies either. Today’s consumer is loyal to the brand both physically and through digital channels. Take advantage of the greatest number of means to grow your business.

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