Tips during your Football game

During the game, do not be influenced by the stand or by the roar of people along the line. Follow the game in silence, concentrate on your players’ football actions, coach only the players who don’t have the ball and the substitutes next to you along the line.

Position yourself on the sidelines and observe in silence for as long as possible. Remember the main points that you notice in attacking and defending, possibly elaborated in building, scoring, disturbing and preventing goals and the individual football actions with ball that go with them.

That is not easy, you quickly become entangled in what you see and what you would like to say to your players. It is also not wise to judge ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actions during the match. The players involved will feel that themselves. Also check some important lists at 메이저놀이터 스포맨 

Instead, you make a choice for a few accents that you include during the game, during half-time or during training. Always do this with the structure of football in mind: attack and defend. In order to teach your players to play football better, the analysis below will help you find the areas for improvement.

Watch for attacks

Consider which accents were discussed in the previous match and during the training. What did we want to achieve? Ask yourself four questions about attacking.

  • To score. If a player in a favorable position gets the ball, will he succeed in scoring?
  • Creating opportunities. If we have the ball in half of the opposition, will it be possible to create opportunities?
  • Play forward. If we have the ball in our own half, will a player be able to play in half of the opposing team?
  • Keep ball. If one of my players has the ball, will we be able to keep the ball in the team or will we just shoot it away?

Watching defending

  • Avoid goals. If an opponent in a favorable position receives the ball, will it be possible to prevent a goal?
  • To disturb. When we defend on our own half, can we prevent the opposing team from getting chances?
  • Putting pressure. If we defend on the opponent’s half, will it be possible to prevent them from playing a player on our half?
  • Take away the ball. If a player of the opposing team has the ball, will we be able to take it away?

You see that defenders repeatedly do not take the ball calmly and look for a playable teammate, but instead shoot the ball wildly forward. One of the two points for attention that you already mentioned in advance. Remember this point for the half-time discussion. You will probably see more points, but that is before the training or the next match. Better done one thing right than half ten things. You can also check new updates at 메이저놀이터 스포맨 

List the answers to these questions for yourself, think about what is going well and what could be done better next time. Pay attention to the role of the opposing party. One match your team gets a lot of chances and scores goals, the next time your team is pushed back and it does not reach its own goal.

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