Tips and Tricks to Survival in Boarding School as a Female


Boarding school is a transition for anyone, and it can be especially difficult for girls. Boarding schools in Australia can be daunting to young women who are used to having their parents nearby. They have to leave the comforts of home and move into dorms with other ladies they don’t know very well.

There are also rules and regulations that you must follow when living at a boarding school such as in Pymble Ladies College. For these reasons, we compiled this list of tips and tricks that will help make your time at boarding school easier!

Tip #1: Stay Calm

When you first arrive, it is likely that there will be a little bit of culture shock. Boarding school can feel like another world at first and the other students may seem intimidating to talk to at first. Getting used to your new surroundings takes time so stay patient with yourself!

Tip #2: Don’t Sit Still

One of the best ways to make friends is to get involved. There are many clubs and activities that you can join in boarding school, so do your research beforehand! When you have a purpose, it makes all the difference when meeting new people.

Tip #3: Be Kind to Yourself

You’re not going away forever; this will be over before you know it! Always take care of yourself by eating well and getting enough sleep each night. Keep up with what you love doing at home like drawing or painting by bringing supplies along for downtime during free time. This helps keep things familiar while allowing some creativity as well!

Tip #4: Don’t Forget to Breathe

We know that some things may not be as you had hoped, but try and keep your chin up! It can be tough at times living with people you don’t know very well but remember why you wanted this experience in the first place.

Tip #5: Remember to Relax!

Boarding school in Australia can be an exciting and new experience so try and keep a positive attitude. Do your best each day for yourself, but also think about others as well! You will make it through this time even if you feel like things are tough at times.

Tip #6: Have Fun!

In the end, boarding school is a great experience and you should enjoy it as much as possible. Make friends, explore your surroundings, and make memories that will last a lifetime! There’s nothing better than spending time with people who love doing the same things as you do.

Tip #7: Don’t Let Anyone Bring You Down

Boarding school in Australia is a time to grow and learn, but it can also be tough at times. There will always be people who try and bring you down or bully others around them so don’t let anyone take away from your experience!

Tip #8: Get Outdoors Whenever Possible

There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can participate in while boarding in Pymble Ladies College. Try going for a run every morning before breakfast or attending the sports carnivals if they interest you! It doesn’t have to be strenuous all the time; even taking walks with friends outside when possible helps keep everyone relaxed during study breaks.

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