Tips And Tricks for Optimizing Hotel Energy Management


Are you a hotelier? Have you taken the time to evaluate how much you have been spending on energy? Well, you could be making a terrible mistake. Remember, business is all about making a profit. So, you should strive to keep your expenses as low as possible by optimizing your hotel’s energy management and at the same time having the best hotel management software. Here are simple tips to help you get started.


Not all hotels are the same. Luxury establishments will definitely require more energy than their smaller counterparts. Although no single solution will work for every hotel, there are certain actions you can take to implement changes. But before you start, consider obtaining a diagnostic report or an energy audit.

Energy Audit

Although on-site energy audits can be costly, most hoteliers often lack the means to budget for energy-efficient measures. But the good news is that there are currently so many virtual energies audit tools that can help you determine your hotel’s energy savings potential.

By comparing your property’s energy consumption with data derived from similar businesses in your area, you’ll be able to understand how much money your facility can save.

Cutting Down Energy Costs

After performing your energy audit, it’s time you think about cutting down your energy consumption. Here are simple tips to help you get started:

Walk around your hotel to find out which lighting fixtures could be switched off without any impact. But if this isn’t possible, dimming could be your best option. Whenever there’s natural light, consider dimming your artificial lights by about thirty percent.

Another way to minimize your hotel’s energy consumption is to book rooms in clusters. Corner rooms and those located on upper floors are usually more energy-intensive, especially when it comes to heating. Thus, try to reserve them for last.

Don’t overheat low circulation areas. Laundry rooms, kitchens, and lobbies don’t need to be well-lit during late hours.

Avoid operating your heating and cooling systems simultaneously. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Again, it’s important to switch off your HVAC system once the external temperatures reach 21 Degrees Celsius. Don’t turn on the unit until the temperatures exceed 23 Degrees Celsius.

Recommission Your Facility

Recommissioning is another incredible way to improve your hotel’s energy efficiency. It’s all about tuning your hotel to work as efficiently as possible. Through this process, you can cut down your energy costs without sacrificing the comfort of your guests.

Essentially, your hotel should get recommissioned after every five years. You can either do it virtually or on-site. If you’re concerned about making your establishment eco-friendly, consider undertaking a complete retrofit. 

The Bottom-Line

Energy consumption accounts for most of the operating costs incurred by hotel owners. Plus, it’s also believed that energy use accounts for about sixty percent of every property’s carbon footprint. The above article highlights practical tips to help you minimize your energy usage and improve your company’s profitability. For more information on how to lower energy bills, visit Utility Bidder.

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