TikTok 2021: The network has cleaned up. 7 million children suffered


In the first quarter of 2021, the TikTok administration deleted 7 million accounts. These are users under the age of 13. Such restrictions could damage the social network, but it turned out that remote users make up less than 1% of the platform’s audience.

TikTok has long been using tools that allow, even by indirect indications, to determine the age of users and close the accounts of “kids”. Bulk deletion of accounts is another step in keeping teenagers safe and protected on the social network.

At the beginning of 2020, TikTok was used by over 18 million people in Europe. It is quick and relatively easy to become popular with tiktoklikes and gather a large audience around you in the application.

Some adults …

According to Mediascope estimates, the monthly active audience of TikTok from East Europe in March 2021 was over 33.1 million people. Users aged 25 to 44 make up 44% of the audience, while people aged 55+ make up 15%.

Large and advanced European companies have already come to TikTok and are collaborating with tattooed youth heroes.

TikTok is no longer a social network where kids fool around. At least now there are 7 million fewer of them on the platform. Boost your video – buy followers on tiktok in 1 click.

What is the secret of the popularity of tiktoku among children

What is the secret of Challenge’s popularity, active involvement of brands, viral videos and live broadcasts with the most popular TickTokers – are integral attributes of this social network. Experts suggest that this social network will probably be able to compete with Instagram and YouTube in the near future, although only in certain aspects, such as the niche of short videos. Usually users post short videos here, lasting no more than one minute. They will be fasted mainly by schoolchildren and students. Some schoolchildren which social networks they use in general and whether they depend on TikTok. What schoolchildren are looking for in social networks they say that they are registered in many social networks, and with a smile they add that they know: you can sit in them for no more than an hour a day. TikTok also likes to “sit”, watching videos, popular music hits, and some even posting their own videos.

  • I shoot short video clips for popular songs, I post videos of viral dances, – says Emilia, a 6th grade student. –  I show it to my friends, they swear. Although my mother advises me not to sit on the phone for a long time.

And 10th grade student Sofia says that she likes to post posts and photos on Instagram and adds that she loves to watch aesthetic videos on social networks to melancholic music.

The guys are also looking for entertainment on social networks. Yes, sixth-grader John loves video games, so he often looks for guides on the passage of the passage of favorite games. He is registered in TikTok, he does not publish anything himself, but he reviews what his peers are saying.

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