Tiffany Gaines is a veteran in the world of hip-hop and entertainment.
She is not afraid to face a challenge head on when it comes to betting on self and for that reason, her career has soared from working with some of the most prominent people in the world.
Despite her growing brand and successful track record, her primary focus is giving back and using her platform to generate positivity for the betterment of people as a whole.

With so much going on, working several projects behind the scenes to give clients who don’t carry the worldwide presence an artist or entrepreneur needs, she works her magic on building that online social media digital space to enhance opportunity to become a successfully profiting brand.   

We caught up with Gaines to ask her a few questions on how she has been able to continue the path of growth in this ever-changing industry.

You’re constantly making moves with powerful individuals, what keeps you motivated and inspired to make these connections and how do you do it?

My artists, partners and network of professionals keep me motivated. If they aren’t giving up, why should I? I also look at those who I feel have so much potential yet stay stagnant and use that as motivation of what not to become. The world is filled with people who are constantly either moving up the ladder of success or falling off of it. I want to be the one in the middle to be honest. That is where I fall in line when it comes to the “powerful individuals” and connections I continue to make in my line of work. The people who many refer to as “powerful”, I am thankful to call my friends and mentors. They keep me grounded and are not afraid to check me if they see me slacking. That is needed especially in this business. Of course, everyone wants to reach the top. But I’m more of a realist. I don’t want to ever reach the peak of something and not be ready for what it requires from me to stay there.  As far as how I make the connections… relationships are everything. When you surround yourself with successful people who just want to see you win, they are constantly introducing you to individuals with similar goals. Many of my introductions just happen to be heavy hitters in their own right.

What are some business strategies that have worked for you that you can share with the next entrepreneur?

My first piece of advice would be to research how the internet can serve as an assistance to your online presence. Master the services you offer because the first thing someone is going to do is research your name and company to see if there were any negative reviews attached to it. Build with relationships that are focused on the same things you are, for example integrity, delivery and result. If you find yourself working with people whose track record isn’t the best, it can fall back on you. Pay attention to the shifts of the digital world. It is constantly changing therefore you need to flow with the times. If the services you offer appear dated, you’ll see the decline of your interest from potentials. Research is everything. Follow new trends, apps, platforms etc., that fall in line with yours and make sure that you aren’t left behind simply because you slept on their growth and new ventures.

What is your next mission or project?

“I’m working on more courses and programs that will help musicians learn the business and how to become a profiting brand as well as my own autobiography. The most common question that comes my way is how I managed to work with the people that have crossed my path. I figure I might as well tell the story once so if anyone ever asks, I can just refer them to my own personal rendition online or paperback. I am hoping to have both completed within the next year or two. I don’t want to give a date as that increases my anxiety behind finishing it and will most likely cause me to not. Lol So with that being said, I will just leave everyone with the knowledge of knowing it’s on the way”.


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