Thunder Guns Launches New Website


Thunder Guns, one of the largest online dealers in AR-15 parts and accessories, has announced the launch of a new website: Bringing unrivaled ease-of-use to the online gun parts market, this new outlet will give AR-15 builders the access they need to find quality AR-15 parts and kits to use in their builds.

Thunder Guns: All-New Site Features

Thunder Guns offers consumers a host of new features to ensure the best experience possible. With nearly 500 product listings and a quick-fire search option to help you find what you need when you need it, this quick-and-easy user interface and sidebar filter gives users the freedom to find and compare any listing they want at whatever their desired budget is.

Thunder Guns’ updated stock-keeping system is an all-inclusive model for ensuring customers get what they want as soon as possible. For out-of-stock products, the watch list and wish list allow you to do different things. Customers who want a product but cannot purchase it for any particular reason can add items to their wish lists. This allows them to circle back to it more easily when they are ready to make a purchase.

Any item that is not in stock when a customer wants to buy it can be placed in the watchlist and, when stock fills up again, an automated email will be sent to the customer announcing its arrival.

User accounts have had an overhaul as well, and logging in and managing addresses and orders are all easier than ever before. Users will be able to access all of their information, such as wish lists, watchlists, order info, cart info and addresses, from one easy-to-find location. This makes part of our continued effort to bring newer, more streamlined user interfaces to help make ordering and managing addresses easier.

Customers can give their feedback, as well, with an all new “Contact Us” page that allows the Thunder Guns support team to solve problems and address issues as needed. The new product review system shows off the customer perception of product quality, giving you a tangible experience to base your own usage off of. This isn’t based on company advertising, but peer review as well.

Being hosted on an all new platform, the website is also bug resistant to a fault. An organized interface allows for easier management, translating into a better user experience, overall.

What Are Thunder Guns’ Plans For the Site?

After an interview with the owners of the company , we were able to make a few things absolutely clear about the direction Thunder Guns will be taking with its launch. “With the customer at the heart of what we do, we strive to optimize their experience as much as possible. It’s all about ensuring they get what they want,” they said, in a statement given to us during the interview.

With a course set to optimize the user experience, there is no telling how far their focus on technological innovations will take them.

About Thunder Guns

Established in 2014, Thunder Guns has been in business for over 6 years and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the AR-15 market. From humble beginnings, with the stage set for success, Thunder Guns has become one of the top AR-15 stores in the United States. When asked what sets them apart from the competition, the owner of Thunder Guns  stated,”We offer some of the most competitive pricing out there, bringing quality to what we do with as inexpensive pricing as possible.”

After a survey regarding the status of their previous site, it became apparent that an overhaul was necessary to ensure increased customer satisfaction. The new Thunder Guns website was built, from the ground up, with “customer service, user-friendliness, and ease of access” at its core.

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