Thinking About Doing Something to Your Thinning Lips? Lip Augmentation Is the Way to Go


Full and plump lips are a sign of beauty, good health, and youth. As we age, our lips become thinner. There are also instances whereby people are naturally born with thin lips. Your face is the first point of contact with other people, and your lips are at the center stage. Now that the pandemic has reclined and people are no longer required to wear masks, this might be the perfect time to do something about those thinning lips.

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation, also known as lip enhancement, is a procedure used to temporarily or permanently improve the size and shape of the lips. Lip augmentation can be customized according to your needs. Some techniques involve minor cuts on your lips or face for permanent results, while others are nonsurgical and include the use of fillers.

Cosmetic surgeons are increasingly turning towards minimally invasive treatments to attain optimum results that can last up to one year. 

Keep reading to learn more about your options for those youthful, plump lips you desire.

The Various Lip Augmentation Options?

Cosmetic surgeons rely on various lip augmentation techniques to help patients achieve enhanced lip appearance. These methods can range from lip implant surgery to filler injections. A common approach entails starting with a temporary treatment and then progressing to long-lasting, more complex options.

1. Dermal Filler Lip Injections

Dermal fillers are a popular nonsurgical technique whose results can last up to 12 months. Fillers can produce smooth vertical lip lines, enhance lip shape, and boost lip volume.

The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to perform. With a skilled cosmetic surgeon, it is possible to control the amount of filler to achieve precise outcomes. You will realize the final results of this procedure within two weeks.

2. Fat Injections

Fat grafting involves using fat from a different part of your body to fill your lips. The procedure begins with liposuction and can be completed without incisions on the lips or face. A successful fat injection can achieve a beautifully streamlined lip contour that feels as natural as it looks. With proper maintenance, the results can last for years.

3. Lip Implants

Lip implants are perfect for people looking for semi-permanent lip enhancement with little maintenance. Implants are created from pliable and soft silicone rubber and are ideal for patients desiring a visible increase in lip volume. Lip implants can take less than 30 minutes and only require 2 to 3 days of downtime.

Do You Qualify for Lip Augmentation?

Anyone with good health qualifies for lip augmentation. Experts recommend that smokers who intend to undergo this procedure quit smoking a month before. Patients with an active infection like a cold store or a chronic condition such as lupus or diabetes are advised to refrain from lip enhancement. In any case, your cosmetic surgeon will help determine if you’re an ideal candidate during consultation.

Lip Augmentation FAQ

Lip augmentation is a simple and efficient procedure with limited downtime. Before embarking on lip enhancement, you should acquaint yourself with all the facts about the procedure. Below are some frequently asked questions about lip enhancement and their answers.

What are the risks of lip augmentation?

Nonsurgical lip enhancement is generally safe. The chances of complications and risks increase with surgical treatment options. Common risks associated with both nonsurgical and surgical lip augmentation include:

  • Uneven lips
  • Swelling
  • Lip stiffening
  • Bleeding

What is the recovery time for lip enhancement?

Recovery time will depend on your chosen technique. Patients will experience little to no recovery time with lip fillers. On the other hand, surgical lip augmentation requires several days or weeks for swelling, redness, and bruising to subside.

When can I return to my everyday activities after the procedure?

Because nonsurgical lip enhancement requires no downtime, you can immediately return to your typical activities. Surgical lip augmentation may require a few days before you can return to your everyday activities. In both cases, it is advisable that you refrain from physical exercise and other strenuous activities for several days.

Is the procedure painful?

Lips are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body. Your plastic surgeon will eliminate any pain or discomfort you may feel by applying numbing cream. This cream is typically applied 30 minutes before the procedure for optimum results.

What does the procedure entail?

In the case of lip fillers, your cosmetic surgeon will inject a hyaluronic acid solution into your lip area. Fat transfer involves liposuction to transfer excess fat and tissue from another part of your body and reinjecting for full lips. For best results, you should leverage the services of a highly trained professional.

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