Things you need to know about marine boards


A marine board refers to the material informed of an HPDE plastic made to be used in marine and any other outdoor application. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand harsh marine environments.

This board is waterproof because it has waterproof film-faced plywood. These boards are mainly 48 inches by 48 inches in size. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also resistant to salt, oxygen, and water, thus preventing it from being damaged after exposure to ocean water.

They are used mainly on outdoor storage, docks, boats, or any other tool that wants to weather the elements.

They are made of thin sheets of wood bonded together in layers by pressing them.

Advantages of these types of boards

  1. It is strong
  2. It is durable due to its thickness
  3. It is resistant to a wide variety of substances that are encountered outside.
  4. It can fade
  5. They are built to last
  6. They require low-maintenance practices
  7. HDPE is recyclable
  8. They are the safest material to build a boat.
  9. They protect different kinds of debris
  10. They do not rot since they are not treated with chemicals

Marine board are used to make the following parts of a boat.

Hatches and handles the impact of the broken handles can be a minor accessibility impairment. When the boat rider cannot access the bot’s area, this can result in a considerable safety hazard. It is the reason why the boat hatches should be made of these boards because they don’t break easily.

  • Railings

The railings are meant to provide safety to the passengers. When made of wood, they can rot quickly and cause scratches or break unexpectedly, causing injuries. It is the reason why they shout be made of these boards because they are rot resistant since they are not made of chemicals.

  • Outside cabinets and the furniture

These boards resist the filth and damage as compared to the woods. Wood can be infected with algae and mould, while these boards cannot rot.

  • Motor covers

Motor covers experience degradation because of the elements. It acts as the protector of the boat’s engine and is also essential for the life of the boat’s motor.

Properties of these boards

  • They are rot resistant
  • They do not swell
  • They do not splinter
  • They do not delaminate
  • They hold up well to extended foot traffic
  • They are fully UV stable
  • They come in a standard size

It is good to note that this in Kenya and is mainly affected by the board’s quality and thickness. These boards are available in Grade A, and Grade B. Grade A is more expensive than Grade B.


These boards are considered to be the most reliable materials for the construction of outdoor structures. They have superior strength, and also they provide safety. Source

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